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February 2011: JFK3531 (Joe)

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Jittery Jim  
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February 16, 2011 04:39PM
PMWF Name: JFK3531


Preferred Watch Brands or Styles: Mostly divers. I’m not much of a guy for suits, so gravitate towards utilitarian watches with a way to time things-which basically leaves me with divers. I’m not a big fan of digital dials (though I did have some in the 80’s).

Dream Watch and Link to Picture of it: The Patek Phillipe Calatrava (see attached photo). For a guy that doesn’t get much into dress watches, this one just speaks to me. Maybe it’s because I’m of Polish heritage, and Norbert Patek was Polish. Maybe it’s just the beautiful coin edge, simple dial, and perfectly proportioned hands. I really hate “short hands”.

Favorite Watch and Link to Picture of it: An Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch. (see attached photo). I grew up watching astronauts go to the moon. Like everyone, I thought it was cool, and that people would be going to Mars by now. It would be cool to own the same kind of watch they took with them to the moon.

First Watches in the Collection: Hard to say, though probably would pinpoint my Citizen quartz diver I bought in ’82 or ’83 as my first serious foray into watches.

Favorite Food: Unfortunately, I’ll eat anything. I have a particular soft spot for Giordano’s deep dish sausage and mushroom pizza. I used to go there before they were famous.

Favorite Drink: I mostly drink diet A and W Root Beer, but as a treat like beer from various small breweries, like O’Fallon Breweries “5 day IPA” : http://www.ofallonbrewery.com/

Collects mainly: I got really bummed when I went to one site, and they basically said that to be a true collector you had to specialize in one brand, type of movement, or particular type of watch. Watches are like women-I like all types. Maybe someday I’ll settle down to a narrow collection, but for now I’m all over the place.

WIS since: My dad went to watchmaking school on his GI benefits. He was a machinist by day, and ran a watchmaking/jewelry business on nights and weekends. As a pre-teen, I would take public transportation to wholesale jewelers in downtown Chicago, transporting parts and watches back and forth for him (they jobbed out some of their business to him). I loved looking at the watches when he had them apart. I also loved watching Jacques Cousteau on TV, and wanted to grow up and do that. My dad got me a Pepsi bezeled diver (I can’t remember the brand). Then I went through a period where I thought mechanical watches were stupid (I mean, you could get a quartz watch that could do calculations, for Pete’s sake!). My dad gave up the watchmaking business during the late 70’s, but returned to clockmaking (mostly for himself) in the 90’s when he retired from the machine shop. My dad died in ’96, which left me with a few watches
and clocks (his stuff was divided between 6 of us kids). Though I had collected a few different watches up to that point, this rekindled my interest in mechanical movements, and in collecting watches.

Link to Homepage or Favorite Watch Link:

Age, Family: I’m an old guy with young kids (through adoption). I’m 55, and raising an 11 year old son and an almost 9 year old daughter with my wife, Pat.

Profession: I teach at a medical school.

Lives in: Almost the exact middle of the USA (in a lot of different ways)-St. Louis, MO.

Other Passions and Hobbies: I like to bike (on and off road) and hike. I used to be a runner when I was younger, but haven’t been one in a LONG time due to bad knees. This year has been a trying one physically, as I screwed up my ankle last year, and it is only now starting to sort itself out (just in time for an old shoulder injury to rear its ugly head)

Favorite Quote: It’s better to be lucky than good.

Jittery Jim :: James :: PMWF Admin
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February 2011: JFK3531 (Joe) URL

Jittery Jim1756February 16, 2011 04:39PM

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