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Travel Report Havana Cuba Day 2

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May 02, 2011 03:23PM
Day 2 was relaxing. We went see where Vivian's uncle used to live and walked around Chinatown. We took it easy today laughing

1. This was were her uncle lived. Very art deco like South Beach Miami.



4. Kids playing baseball



7. Barrio Chino, Chinatown. It's tiny! One block of restaurants. That's it Eek! They're trying to expand it back to what it used be but it's a very slow process.





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Travel Report Havana Cuba Day 2 Jpeg Attachments

cmoy423May 02, 2011 03:23PM

Such a nice place, every step is a photo op. Great pics Chris. wink (n/t)

sharkfin184May 02, 2011 11:56PM

Thanks Dave! (n/t)

cmoy173May 03, 2011 01:04PM

Great shots, Chris. One really gets a feel for the place thru your lens. Thumbs up! (n/t)

JFK3531196May 02, 2011 11:55PM

Thanks Joe! (n/t)

cmoy202May 03, 2011 01:04PM

Cool Cool Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.211May 02, 2011 11:45PM

Thanks Mark! (n/t)

cmoy217May 03, 2011 01:03PM

Nice pics Chis. I am liking the kids playing baseball especially!Cheers! (n/t)

ErikP231May 02, 2011 11:01PM

Thanks Erik! Wish I had a longer lens for that shot. 70mm was as close as I could get Frown, Sad (n/t)

cmoy200May 03, 2011 01:03PM

It works! This way you get the surroundings which gives a good frame of reference

ErikP157May 03, 2011 01:10PM

You're right smile Thanks! smile (n/t)

cmoy193May 03, 2011 01:14PM

Great pictures, Chris! Looks amazing! (n/t)

Julio207May 02, 2011 10:21PM

Thanks Julio! (n/t)

cmoy164May 02, 2011 10:22PM

Amazing. Looking at those old cars, it's like time just stopped there Eek! (n/t)

Ed Brandwein191May 02, 2011 10:08PM

They're everywhere Ed! (n/t)

cmoy172May 02, 2011 10:09PM

Very nice Chris. Keep them coming; I really enjoy these. smile (n/t)

DJM183May 02, 2011 08:36PM

Will do! laughing Thanks Dan! (n/t)

cmoy196May 02, 2011 09:09PM

I like it ! Those pics remind me some very interesting thoughts, but not for here!Cheers!

IF215May 02, 2011 08:11PM

Thanks IF! laughing (n/t)

cmoy191May 02, 2011 08:26PM

Great. Thanks Chris Thumbs Up (n/t)

JP196May 02, 2011 04:41PM

Thanks JP! (n/t)

cmoy160May 02, 2011 09:10PM

Superbs! (n/t)

wodo205May 02, 2011 03:33PM

Thanks wodo! (n/t)

cmoy162May 02, 2011 03:35PM

clapping great pictures Chris, a real joy clapping (n/t)

Reto194May 02, 2011 03:30PM

Thanks Reto! I hope you're ready for 4 more days Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off (n/t)

cmoy191May 02, 2011 03:35PM

I am ready Chris. I have just created a new forum "Distinguished Travel Reports" and >>>

Reto204May 02, 2011 03:47PM

GREAT! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up laughing (n/t)

cmoy159May 02, 2011 03:51PM

Would you mind if I post links to the Havana posts I am confused

cmoy183May 02, 2011 03:54PM

Actually you do not need to do anything. I am going through all our forums >>>

Reto190May 02, 2011 04:04PM

I like the idea of having forums for travel and watch meets Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Cool (n/t)

cmoy194May 02, 2011 04:09PM

It just occurred to me that we have so much good content buried deep down where >>>

Reto216May 02, 2011 04:25PM

Sounds good to me! (n/t)

cmoy168May 02, 2011 04:29PM

I just post a thread with links to my posts laughing (n/t)

cmoy203May 02, 2011 04:06PM

Thank you! (n/t)

Reto187May 02, 2011 04:35PM

I also post 2 WIS meets. I think I have older meets, do you want me to post those as well? (n/t)

cmoy179May 02, 2011 04:36PM

Yes please Chris. I am going to look through all forums and the Archive and move the WIS meets >>

Reto202May 02, 2011 06:24PM

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