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It's a happy day, a new watch arrived Kadloo Vintage Trophy Intro and review.

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April 09, 2013 03:23AM
I actually got this about two weeks ago but have not had the time to write a proper introduction.

I had been looking for a watch with an ETA 2824 along with a date at 6:00. This watch seemed to have everything I was looking for plus a lot more. It is however a relatively unknown brand and many may never have heard of it. I did some research along with reading quite a few reviews and everything was very positive. A couple of people here have also purchased Kadloo’s and were very happy, so that was good enough for me. I personally like quite a few of the micro/ boutique brands. It is sometimes a crap shoot, but I think you can get a lot for your money. They also fit better within my budget. Well the price finally came down on this model, when it went on sale, plus with a first time ordering discount and free shipping, I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

Here is some background on the brand. The company was founded in 2006 in Hamburg, Germany. In 2009 they moved production to Basel, Switzerland and are now producing watches at this location. Their watches now read Swiss Made instead of Made in Germany, which would not have been an issue for me anyway. The name Kadloo was chosen by the owner after a trip to New Zealand. It is from the Maury tribe meaning satisfaction and reliability. I think their logo is pretty cool too.

The watch came nicely packaged with a black, heavy outer cardboard box with the name and logo printed on top.

Inside was an attractive black matte wooden box with a silver recessed area between the lid and base. Again the name and logo adorned the top as well. Presentation looked worthy of a higher end watch.

The watch is the Kadloo Vintage Trophy GMT Time zone. (A bit of a mouthful!) It has a respectable 200m depth rating with sapphire crystals front and back. It does not actually have a separate GMT hand, but you can utilize the bezel which has the cities listed, along with a plus or minus to coincide with that cities difference from GMT. I doubt I will ever use this function but I do like the added detail on the bezel. The bezel also has a Planet Ocean look to it. It has a gloss black insert with silver numbering 10 through 50 and I like the font too. I have always been drawn to a separation between the crystal and the bezel inlay, whether it is part of the case or a silver outline on the bezel inlay. I especially like the balance to this bezel with, no hash marks for the minutes between 0 and 15.

Another detail that attracted me to this watch was the chapter ring. It is matte black with glossy red numbering in 5 min. increments encircling the dial. The printing is crisp and easy to read. (I used the flash to highlight this detail.)

The dial itself is done very well. It is matte black with an almost charcoal look to it in certain light. It has large square markers trimmed in polished silver and filled with Superluminova. It glows well but could be brighter. The date is also framed in polished silver and of course placed at 6:00. The printing on the dial is small and limited adding to the clean look. The model name is printed in red near the bottom of the dial, which adds to the chapter ring, as well as the red tipped pointer on the second hand. I really like these small but prominent details in red.
There is a small silver minute track on the very outskirts of the dial between the chapter ring and hour markers. The hash marks are printed in black for every minute as well as every 1/5 sec. I am pretty amazed at the clarity of the printing as well as the level of detail in a watch at this price point.
Continuing on with the hands, the minute and hour hands are unique to me. While partially skeletonized there is plenty of lume and are easily distinguishable between the two making them easy to read during the day as well as the night.

Upon the first time handling the watch it is apparent that this is a very solid feeling timepiece. There is no rattle and has a substantial weight to it, but not overly heavy. The case is 43mm wide and 14mm tall, so it fits properly under a shirt cuff. It is nicely shaped and completely polished.( I consider this watch my dress diver.)

The crown is large and embossed with their logo. I like the logo Kadloo chose and looks nice on the crown. While not boldly done it is visible.

The bracelet is 22mm at the case and tapers down to 20mm at the clasp. It has a machined deployment and screw in links as well as SEL’s. The fold over clasp with the typical safety catch is also embossed with the logo and the diver’s extension is nicely machined.

Now on to the back of the watch. The case back is very well designed in my opinion with multiple key slots for removal. It is also reminiscent of the company logo. I am not sure if this is intentional, but definitely adds to the look. There is also a sapphire crystal for viewing the nicely decorated movement.

The movement itself was of some concern to me though. This watch is sold on multiple sites and in my readings it was listed as having an ETA 2824. When my watch arrived I was a little dismayed at my findings.
Apparently when Kadloo first began, they were using ETA movements. As we all know these are becoming harder to source. I even contacted Kadloo on this issue. Their reply was that it “is a Swiss movement” and listed as such on the site that I purchased it from. I guess I overlooked this fact since I had seen it listed on other sites as an ETA 2824. Well it seems they have found another supplier, in Switzerland, for their movements.
I did some more research and digging if you will, to try to find out what movement this was and the name of the company. The company is Valanvron and the movement is a VAL24. Probably like most of you, I have never heard of them.
One of the watchmakers on another forum stated that he was introduced to the company at Basel. He continued on saying that the movements they had at the show seemed very well made and were nicely decorated with multiple offerings. Now with that said there is a couple of opinions and speculation on the validity of this Swiss movement supplier. One of those opinions is that they are funded by Seagull. I can neither confirm this nor dispute it, so I’ll leave it at that.
Basically this movement is pretty much a duplicate of the ETA 2824. It will accept the same hand sizes as the ETA as well. It is beautifully decorated and operates smoothly. It is currently running a little slow at -15 in 24hrs. This does not bother me too much, but I may try to regulate it to the positive side down the road if it does not settle in.

So after all the facts are laid out, I will say that in overall, I am happy with the watch. The build quality and level of detail is unexpected for a watch at this price, basically the cost of a nice Seiko. Sure I would have loved it to have an ETA, but I’m sure it would have been at least another 2 bills and it is a movement that is not in my collection.
In the end it fits my niche for a non-tool diver with some shine. Here it is happily on the wrist. Thanks for reading.


It's a happy day, a new watch arrived Kadloo Vintage Trophy Intro and review. Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser3496April 09, 2013 03:23AM

That is a real beauty.Thumbs up! Congratulations Tim. (n/t)

Mark C.131April 10, 2013 01:54PM

Thanks Mark. Its got a little bling, just no diamonds. (n/t)

Timemiser85April 10, 2013 02:16PM

Very sharp and well designed and you can't go wrong with an ETA movement.Thumbs up! (n/t)

Paul J Costa102April 10, 2013 12:12PM

Thank you Paul. Overall I think it's a great watch.

Timemiser122April 10, 2013 02:14PM

Nice Tim! Thumbs up! Who said divers can't have a pretty face?! Cheers! (n/t)

JohnnyT109April 09, 2013 10:32PM

Thanks Johnny. That's what I'm screaming!Laughing It's a little different too. (n/t)

Timemiser98April 09, 2013 11:26PM

I like that Thumbs Up (n/t)

Ed Brandwein97April 09, 2013 09:09PM

Thank you Ed. I am enjoying it as well. (n/t)

Timemiser116April 09, 2013 11:22PM

I see this watch is sold at Amazon, but has no review. You might add one! URL

benhemp107April 09, 2013 09:05PM

I don't think a review on Amazon would be right, since I did not buy it there.

Timemiser115April 09, 2013 11:16PM

Lots of folks add reviews at Amazon and clearly state they bought the item elsewhere.

benhemp163April 10, 2013 06:13PM

Thumbs up! Nice! (n/t)

carlos x104April 09, 2013 04:10PM

Thanks Carlos. (n/t)

Timemiser115April 09, 2013 05:55PM

Sharp looking watch, congrats! (n/t)

Dre112April 09, 2013 01:49PM

Thank you Andrej. (n/t)

Timemiser110April 09, 2013 02:11PM

That's really nice! I like that a lot (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot106April 09, 2013 01:01PM

Thanks Ian. It's different and shiny! (n/t)

Timemiser98April 09, 2013 02:09PM

Congrats, Tim! And great Watch or Accessory Review. (n/t)

Dave M100April 09, 2013 11:49AM

Thank you Dave. (n/t)

Timemiser118April 09, 2013 02:05PM

Re: It's a happy day, a new watch arrived Kadloo Vintage Trophy Intro and review.

walt ham175April 09, 2013 10:43AM

Thanks Walt. It seems well made and finished nicely.

Timemiser89April 09, 2013 02:04PM

Re: Thanks Walt. It seems well made and finished nicely.

walt ham108April 09, 2013 10:47PM

Quiet a great review of a really beautiful watch! Enjoy it!!! Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF112April 09, 2013 10:15AM

Thank you Ioannis. It really has great attention to detail and it's shiny! Laughing (n/t)

Timemiser125April 09, 2013 01:17PM

Wow, full blown Watch or Accessory Review here!

James T. Kirk©161April 09, 2013 07:22AM

Yes, being that it is not a common brand I thought I would elaborate. (n/t)

Timemiser137April 09, 2013 01:14PM

Great review Tim clapping I will move this one to the reviews forum later on (n/t)

Reto110April 09, 2013 06:45AM

Thank you Reto. I appreciate that. (n/t)

Timemiser97April 09, 2013 01:12PM

Looks great, nice review Thumbs up! (n/t)

Ethan_Mack120April 09, 2013 06:25AM

Thank you Ethan. (n/t)

Timemiser117April 09, 2013 01:11PM

Nice job, Tim! Clapping! (n/t)

MCV136April 09, 2013 04:42AM

Thanks Marc. Reviews are not my forte', but thought it needed one. (n/t)

Timemiser115April 09, 2013 01:09PM

Nice Watch! Thumbs up! (n/t)

DRFP135April 09, 2013 04:05AM

Thank you Bill (n/t)

Timemiser125April 09, 2013 01:06PM

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