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Boschett Cave Dweller II Mini-Review

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May 30, 2011 03:59PM
Due to recent PM's and overall interest in this watch. I've decided to write a mini review on my newest acquisition, the Boschett Cave Dweller II.

I'd like to start off by saying that I had never heard of this brand six months ago but I sure am glad I discovered it. Recently, I was educated on the proper pronunciation of the brand, which I feel is important for me to pass on. The following is a quote from Kieth Boschetti himself regarding the pronunciation of his name and the name of the brand.

"The Italian pronunciation of my last name is BOW-SKETT-EE, the American is BOW-SHETT-EE. I pronounce the brand name BOW-SHETT."

With that out of the way, ON TO THE REVIEW!!!

The following pic, which I borrowed (thank you hansomegq67), is the 1st pic I saw of this fine watch. At that time, I knew I had to have it.

Since this watch brand was new to me, I asked many question (as many of ya'll have done), and contacted the owner of the company himself, Kieth Boschetti. I am ultra pleased with Kieth's customer service as all question filled emails were answered within one hour of me sending them, many on the go from his iPhone. These days, customer service like that is not easily found and it is quite refreshing to see that Kieth and his staff still believe in "doing right by the customer."

The presentation. Kieth packages the CDII in a travel case, which is a nice, especially for a watch at this price point. Along with the usual cards indicating who bought the watch, serial numbers and such, Kieth includes a mini screw driver tool so that the links/ pins could be easily removed BY YOU although I do recommend that if this is your first experience in strap changing, you consult a pro.

When the watch is removed, immediately you feel the weight of this watch. IT IS HEAVY (8.37 oz), but for many, it's nothing one can't handle. I like beefier watches, it makes the watch feel "tough".

The case is large... (for boxing fans) And in the red corner..... coming in at 44mm w/o crown, 16.5mm in height, 22mm at the lugs, 51mm lug to lug and weighing in at 8.37 ounces it's The Caaaaaaaavveee Dwellerrrrr TWOOOOOOOOOOO. Ok, enough of that, to the crown....

The crown is large as well but short enough to make it comfortable on the wrist. So far, I have not experience it digging into the backside of my hand at all which is great since a watch that doesn't wear comfortable, doesn't get worn at all. The crown does have the Boschett B on it which is a nice touch.

The screw down crown is attached to a 44mm stainless steel case which looks more like the Roman Colosseum than a case but that's just part of the beauty of this watch. The case appears (to me) to be built from a solid chunk of steel. The lugs which are spread out approximately 51mm are slightly curved down which makes the watch more wearable even for smaller wrists.

Within the case lies a Miyota 8215 movement which as we all know, is a workhorse. Unfortunately, its non-hacking but you can slightly reverse hack it, which seems to work well for me. The winding noise is a bit loud but while its ticking, the noise is well within reason.

The Dial on mine is black as is the attached tight rotating 120 click uni-directional bezel (partial PVD). This bezel will not rotate during the course of your day but when needed, large triangular grooves are notched into the bezel for easy rotating by you and you only. If this is not your color scheme, then fear not as Cave Dwellers come in many color options, which pleases all types of watch lovers. The CDII, which mine is, has the words Boschett between the customary 10:10 dial shots, Cave Dweller and the 1000m indicator, indicating its impressive depth rating.

The sapphire crystal is A/R coated which is nice and gives it a slight blue tinge as well.

The date window, as you can see is positioned at 3 o'clock. The hands went from the gray color of the original Cave Dwellers to the now black ones that point us all to the right time of our day. The blue accent on the second hand and on the 1000m really make the watch POP!

The Lume is a beautiful blue which is a great change from the usual greens we see in other watches. Although the lume is way above average, it does come slightly under to my other love, my Seiko Orange Monster (one of the greatest, affordable dive watches ever).

The case back has some type of sea serpent imprinted on it along with pertinent information regarding the watch and its maker.

The 5 link Bracelet, with its newly added ratcheting clasp is Amazing. As many before me have said, it is "well worth the price of admission alone." This two button release allows you to size the watch on the go, which can be handy when placing it over a wet suit or like me, when my wrist swells. The bracelet, which had solid end links, reminds me of a nicer Watchadoo bracelet or at least a Watchadoo bracelet on steroids. However you see it, it's just plain nice. It give the appearance that it is one flowing piece.

Oh, you want a rubber strap on this incredible diver? Well good for us Kieth thought of everything. This Cave Dweller also comes with a rubber strap engraved with the word Boschett on the buckle. By touch, it appears to be very comfortable but honestly, I have not put it on since I prefer the look and feel of the bracelet. Plus, during 99 + degree Houston summers, the rubber would make me sweat to much. Again, it's included (free of charge) and is a nice touch.

To say the least, I am super excited to have discovered the brand and am having lots of fun by having it on my wrist. To date, it is the watch that receives the most compliments and the most fan mail if you will. As stated above, since purchase date, I have received many many emails about this watch, all of which I am proud to say are extremely positive. With that being said, I encourage you to do the same if you have any questions about this watch. Either PM me or write the owner at sales@boschett-timepieces.com. It should be noted that I am in no way shape or form affiliated with this brand, I just simply fell in love with it and feel that when a product is great, it should be passed on.

For those that want to see what the watch looks like live, I have included a small video so you can see its incredible wrist presence live, well sort of live.


some parting pics... again thank you to all for taking the time to read this. Please excuse any errors as this is my first review of any watch.

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Boschett Cave Dweller II Mini-Review Jpeg Attachments

arutlosjr116406May 30, 2011 03:59PM

Great Watch or Accessory Review thanks! Do you know the difference between this one & the original version? TIA Smile (n/t)

Anonymous User276June 01, 2011 02:42AM

Adam, here are a few differences...

arutlosjr11475June 01, 2011 06:09AM

Great watch and review Thumbs Up (n/t)

JP215May 31, 2011 12:45PM

Now that is what I call a Watch or Accessory Review! Nicely done and what a beast of a watch! (n/t)

nkwatchy203May 31, 2011 10:52AM

A very good review of a great watch! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF195May 31, 2011 06:27AM

Great review, solid piece. wink (n/t)

sharkfin189May 31, 2011 05:47AM

Excellent! Thank you! Thumbs up! (n/t)

DanB238May 31, 2011 02:58AM

Superb review! Great photos! Thank you smile Thumbs Up Thumbs Up (n/t)

StefG182May 31, 2011 01:19AM

It's all great! The review, the pics & the watch! Congrats! (n/t)

Timemiser228May 30, 2011 11:42PM

A real beauty!!! Congrats.Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.140May 30, 2011 10:04PM

Nice job! Clapping! (n/t)

MCV175May 30, 2011 09:14PM

Great pics! Thanks for the review Thumbs up! (n/t)

Need_Omega206May 30, 2011 08:37PM

Cool Ariel, if you call this a mini-review, then I like to see a full review of yours wink Great work, many >>>

Reto170May 30, 2011 04:51PM

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