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Truly an epic post Cheers! (n/t)

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November 29, 2011 04:28PM
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No respect, I tell ya, no respect! aka the Roskopf / R. Lapanouse story Image Attachments URL

Anonymous User9111November 29, 2011 01:32AM

Holy Smokes! Thanks for the education! Thumbs up! laughing (n/t)

ajt36344November 29, 2011 01:42AM

There'll be a quiz later.

Anonymous User289November 29, 2011 02:12AM

No quiz for me thank you, but I did enjoy the read. Wink (n/t)

BobbyMike320November 29, 2011 02:16AM

It's mandatory! Whistle Unless you get a note from your mother...

Anonymous User302November 29, 2011 02:18AM

I'm glad I have a good relationship with my mom. Go outside and wait by your mailbox, the note should be there shortly. (n/t)

BobbyMike289November 29, 2011 03:02AM

PS this post should be archived in the PMWF Museum please! (n/t)

BobbyMike314November 29, 2011 03:44AM

Blushing Please, be my guest.

Anonymous User366November 29, 2011 03:47AM


Anonymous User293November 29, 2011 03:45AM

Well done, That Man! Excellent work, save for one thing.....

Flasharry332November 29, 2011 02:27AM

Re: ..now I want one!

Anonymous User315November 29, 2011 03:29AM

Quite a bit of Research there Bro Ricky!!!! Great Read....great post....

dano0334November 29, 2011 02:35AM

Re: Great watches there..

Anonymous User350November 29, 2011 03:33AM

Good post. The Dude abides! that's a rough looking chrono movt. >>

Adam in NYC336November 29, 2011 02:57AM

Granted. But then these movements weren't about "Looks". Jpeg Attachments

Anonymous User489November 29, 2011 03:44AM

& it wasn't the first time someone asked me if they're worth fixing >

Adam in NYC342November 29, 2011 04:02AM

I didn't imagine it was.

Anonymous User353November 29, 2011 03:08PM

Re: But I would ask that you remember that it is a judgement call based on the individual. >

Adam in NYC301November 30, 2011 03:23AM

{sigh} URL

Anonymous User298November 30, 2011 03:45AM

Re: Merely whether "It's worth fixing". > Jpeg Attachments

Adam in NYC356November 30, 2011 05:25AM

Re: I do agree with you that it's subjective whether anything is worth repairing. URL

Anonymous User369November 30, 2011 09:50AM

Oh please, Paul has plenty of his own to repair >

Adam in NYC285December 01, 2011 02:16AM

Sure. But maybe he's not ready to donate them as a pass-around watch. Wink

Anonymous User299December 01, 2011 02:26AM

Awesome post, thanks for all of the info! Thumbs up!Thumbs up!

Need_Omega314November 29, 2011 03:35AM

Re: I really want one of those chrono's now! Laughing

Anonymous User367November 29, 2011 02:14PM

Thanks, one heck of an informative post .Clapping! (n/t)

Robmks330November 29, 2011 03:44AM

And being informed is always a Good Thing, I reckon.

Anonymous User245November 29, 2011 02:20PM

Plenty cool! Lotsa WOW factor in that group!Thank you! (n/t)

itschris329November 29, 2011 03:47AM

My pleasure Bro. Chris. Blushing

Anonymous User344November 29, 2011 02:23PM

Great post you put together here. I will move that to the PMWF Museum please! (n/t)

Reto311November 29, 2011 04:20AM

Thanks Boss!

Anonymous User343November 29, 2011 02:25PM

Ricky, that was one more excellent post of yours!Cheers!Thumbs up! Thank you!

IF331November 29, 2011 07:35AM

Thank you! Bro. Yannis! Blushing

Anonymous User316November 29, 2011 02:27PM

Great read. Thanks, Ricky. (n/t)

Archibald Goodwin304November 29, 2011 10:52AM

Glad you enjoyed it. Cool

Anonymous User288November 29, 2011 02:28PM

Clapping! Thumbs Up etc., etc. I enjoyed the heck out of that! Thank you! (n/t)

DJM296November 29, 2011 11:12AM

So you're ready for the quiz, then?

Anonymous User307November 29, 2011 02:30PM

I am confused Will this be on the test? I am confused

DJM298November 30, 2011 03:41AM

Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off

Anonymous User250November 30, 2011 04:17AM

Very interesting and informative post, I have a few pin pallet watches of my own. Here's a sample of mine: Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa602November 29, 2011 12:08PM

An excellent collection! Thumbs up! You have a couple that are new to me.

Anonymous User313November 29, 2011 02:49PM

I have a large bunch of them, They were given to me by my watchmaker.

Paul J Costa338November 29, 2011 05:53PM

Thumbs up! That's very cool Paul! (n/t)

BobbyMike355November 29, 2011 06:11PM

Re: Like you said, they get no respect, and in the meantime they are vanishing due to the perceived lack of value that they have. Someone has to care or else the world of Horology will become that much poorer with their absence.

Anonymous User309November 29, 2011 11:01PM

Great read!!!Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.284November 29, 2011 01:49PM

Thanks Bro. Mark!

Anonymous User315November 29, 2011 02:51PM

Helped me understand more about why Roskopf was a lowly word to my old watchmakers when i was younger...well r (n/t)

tingrin306November 29, 2011 02:52PM

Same reason that "Hyundai" is to a Mercedes-Benz Mechanic. Wink

Anonymous User305November 29, 2011 03:19PM

Clapping! That was an amazing post! Thank you so much Ricky (n/t)

jacobo434November 29, 2011 04:10PM

You're too kind...

Anonymous User342November 29, 2011 11:14PM

Great Read (n/t)

Timemiser340November 29, 2011 04:19PM

And great fun putting it together. Wink

Anonymous User274November 29, 2011 11:16PM

Truly an epic post Cheers! (n/t)

Ethan_Mack295November 29, 2011 04:28PM

Aw, shucks...

Anonymous User278November 29, 2011 11:19PM

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