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PMWF Community Guidelines and Posting Rules

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Jittery Jim  
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June 18, 2008 06:59PM
PMWF Community Guidelines and Posting Rules

1. Courtesy:
Please be polite and help if you can. Some of our visitors and members are minors: mark "Parent Guided" content as such (icon). Posts with embedded automatic music have stirred emotions in the past. Program in a way that the user has to click inside your post to turn the music ON.
2. Watch Forums:
Linking to other watch forums to share knowledge is OK on PMWF. Give credit if you use a picture found on the web in your discussion forum post unless they are public domain
3. Sources:
You may discuss and link to sources in our discussion forums and discuss prices
No links to websites that sell replicas and fakes. Also no links to websites that stole their layout/content from other sites
4. Selling:
  • No open or coveted sales oriented activity on our discussion forums. Sell your watches on our sales forums. If you are a PMWF.com sponsor or a watch manufacturer, you may introduce watch novelties and special discounts in our discussion forums with reasonable frequency
  • Additional SALES RULES apply for our Sales Forums. An attempt to selling fake watches and products results in a life time ban from all PMWF.com forums
5. Auctions, Sales posts:
Please do not link to live auctions (auctions that are not closed yet) on Ebay or any other auction sites. The reason is simply to not drive prices up.
Please do not discuss your sales posts as long as they are on the main index page (14 days) on our sales forums.
Please wait 3 days before listing your watch if you mentioned it on the discussion forums
6. Disputes:
Please do not use PMWF to fight battles of any kind. Please also refrain from importing disputes from other fora or other sites. Please try to resolve buyer/seller matters per email first before bringing them to public attention on the discussion forum. If all attempts fail to resolve a dispute, you can open a thread here
7. Tolerance, Discrimination and Bullying:
Please be tolerant and refrain from racial, gender, political and any other form of discrimination. Be aware that jokes might be interpreted differently in other cultures. While we support a "Laissez-fair" or "Hands-off" administration style on all of our discussion forums, we will take immediate action if we see that new members or PMWFers are being intimidated or bullied
8. Fakes and Homages:
You may warn the PMWF.com community about Fakes for sale on our site or e.g. on Ebay or get the community's opinion if you have doubts regarding authenticity.
However, no general discussions about fake watches, their comparative quality, where to get them and so on. Our definition of fake is a product that illegally uses the name, design, logo and other typical characteristics of the brand it tries to imitate. Homage watches that do not infringe trade marks and model registration and are marketed under a consistent brand name are not considered fakes.
9. Deletion of Discussion Posts:
We PMWF.com Administrators do not believe in frequent deletion of discussion posts or an oppressive moderation style. We accept the higher risk of a "Laissez-fair" or "Hands Down" moderation style for the benefit of more lively discussion forums. Since 2001 this has worked very well for PMWF.com thanks to our great community
10. User names (your name on the forums):
Using multiple user names is prohibited. If you have been banned for a SALES RULES violation for 30 days or for life, creating another username is prohibited.
11. Reposting old Content:
You are allowed to re-post any old thread that you have posted in the past. If a post of yours is still in our main discussion forum's database (we keep 3 years of posts), then you may of course link to it. We encourage PMWFers to save their valuable threads - e.g. a historical review of a watch brand - locally on their PCs. Also if you want to help a fellow forumner finding an older thread posted by someone else that is still in our forum database, then you are allowed to link to it.
However you are not allowed to create a new thread with older content that was not created by you.
12. Google Ads:
In May 2010 we started to display Google Ads in free advertising positions. We maintain a large list with hundreds of watch sites selling fakes and replicas to be blocked from these ads. If you notice a fake or replica site displayed on PMWF.com, please mail the URL to reto@pmwf.com. Thank you!

Last but not least...

The usefulness of introductory posts:
If you are a newly registered member of the PMWF community, then why not make an introductory post? You will make watch friends faster. If you mention your watch preferences, you might quickly connect to like minded "watch nuts". In order to post, you will have to register which takes about 30 seconds.

The PMWF.com Adminstrator team

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PMWF Community Guidelines and Posting Rules URL

Jittery Jim14599June 18, 2008 06:59PM

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Show your ad here! Mail reto at pmwf.com for ratesShow your ad here! Mail reto at pmwf.com for rates Show your ad here! Mail reto at pmwf.com for ratesShow your ad here! Mail reto at pmwf.com for rates