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four years ago
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Oakland, CA
Favorite Watch:
A Hamilton GG-W-113 handwinder. It's simple, readable, keeps great time, and has a history.
Dream Watch:
The Jungans Bill Max Chronograph. I'm partial to military fliegers, and GMTs. My next planned major watch purchase is a Hamilton Khaki military auto and a Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military.
Favorite Drink:
California Style IPA
Favorite Food:
Organic, grass fed ribeye
Places I Have Been:
I've been in Northern California for about the last 17 years. I'm originally from Minnesota, via Michigan and Chicago, but I've managed to escape the Midwest. I was in the military for a while during the eighties, so I went a lot of places with hot weather and funny names.
Favorite Quote:
Watches I Own:
A Tag Heuer Carrera CV2014 and a Heuer Monaco re-issue. Two Hamilton 17 jewel GG-W-113s, a Hamilton 672, an Accutron 214 Spaceview, Astronaut, and a roman numeral dialed 214 as well as a few assorted 218s, an Oris BC3, as well as a vintage Oris winder, a Seiko Bellmatic, a Seiko 5, and a quartz Seiko 7T32 chronograph. A Tissot Seastar Seven and a PRS516. A blue faced Zodiac Oceanaire, a Seagull based Panny homage, and an Invicta 2015. That's all I can recount off the top of my head.
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