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Port Hueneme, CA 93041
Favorite Watch:
Love Vintage SEIKO 6309(pre 1990)Automatic Divers wrist watches the 7049 style is good example of what I want and I'm willing to pay for a good running, clean, consider some minor Dings as long as damage is minor and superficial and does not effect the overall appearance and time keeping ability of Tsunami. Lets Deal!
Dream Watch:
Breitlings, Ovis, Stolas, Any wrist watch with an actual Tourbillion or Valljauex 7750 movement. Or, (OMG!) any British Air Corps WWII era Pilots wrist watch with a Mechanical movement w/o any complications just an Hour Minute and Second hand OK. Watch Must have proof of age [build Date showing it was actually used from 1938 to 1945 Combat use not necessary as long as the permission from the watches previous owners or their survivors and family members have Ok'd the sale. I honor the brave defenders who have always protected our Freedoms without any concern for themselves, instead putting their loyalty to their Country its Flag and then his Family. Many paid the ultimate price protecting us.
Favorite Drink:
Mexican Tamarindo Soda
Favorite Food:
Liver and onions
Places I Have Been:
Mostly I've been trying to figure out how I got here in the 1st place and where the heck are we headed? Thats up to the Lord and my actions are spent in Devotion joyfully adhereing to his Commandments and Laws.
Favorite Quote:
If you can only have a few watches, collect them for their uniqueness and their legendary and rugged Beauty as well as their Reputation as being an iconic and truly innovative timepiece, try to find the ones you choose partly because of the admiration and pride in being able to own and decide to select the one you'll be wearing that day.
Watches I Own:
I own approximately 40 analog watches and 4 pocket watches. Most are Quartz powered but I've got about 5 fully Automatic SEIKO's and three true Mechanicals that must be wound before you can use them. But that may be why I appreciate them so much, its their attention to accuracy and longevity and their proven ability to hold or appreciate in value It may be for their ruggedness and beautiful looks, dependabilty and durability and their bold strength. The balance of my collection includes Invictas, Sturlings, SEIKO 6309s ; Sport 5's. Two Omegas (a 1961 and a 1970) As well as the balance being new Rotarys, Swiss Legends, Androids, Crotons and Redlines. Most were bought for less than $150.00 new. Now I want to purchase more Vintage watches that are as boldly rugged as a wrist watch should be,regardless of how you're going to be using it, be it at work or as a natty dress watch.
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