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Chinese Watches by AlbertaTime

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AlbertaTime's traveling reports from China

35277July 05, 2013 01:06PM


Sticky Sticky Post Identifying legitimate ST-5 movement Sea-Gull watches Jpeg Attachments URL (15 Posts)

AlbertaTime10,348two years ago

Sticky Sticky Post What are you wearing? -- Today's Chinese Watch -- China Made Watch or Movement (90 Posts)

AlbertaTime3,042last year

Sticky Sticky Post Ni hao! Welcome to the Chinese Watch Forum >>> (8 Posts)

Reto2,439three years ago

Ron, I still need the price of the Beijing Diver 200m for the PMWF TOP 10 (n/t)

Reto4six hours ago

$288 is the going North American price at Good Stuffs/Jun Liao. smile (n/t)

AlbertaTime1one hour ago

Shanghai 1010 & 7120 Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch93three weeks ago

Thank you everyone for the replies. Smile (n/t)

saskwatch16two weeks ago

Re: Thank you everyone for the replies. Smile

jojo556two weeks ago

Both of these are hard to find pieces. Again...you rawk, Jon! (n/t)

AlbertaTime13two weeks ago

Great set Thumbs up! (n/t)

Ethan_Mack9two weeks ago

Nice pair...

Pawl_Buster14two weeks ago

Very nice vintage timepieces! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF14two weeks ago

Incoming! Shanghai Chunlei 19j Smile Jpeg Attachments

Ethan_Mack85two weeks ago

Echo everybody here, Sir...you picked a nice one...

AlbertaTime11two weeks ago

Re: Incoming! Shanghai Chunlei 19j Smile

henry501013two weeks ago

Great choice and it looks great! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF10two weeks ago

You got a pretty nice one...

Pawl_Buster12two weeks ago

Nice catch! Thumbs up! Because they were export models...

saskwatch16two weeks ago

Waving dictators... Jpeg Attachments

Pawl_Buster80four weeks ago

Cool ones! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF13three weeks ago

Thanks Pete - certainly going to look into getting the third one Tongue

BobbyMike13four weeks ago

Re: Thanks Pete - certainly going to look into getting the third one Tongue

Pawl_Buster10three weeks ago

Red dial Taishan & automatic Jinmao Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch81four weeks ago

Great and beautiful watches! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF12three weeks ago

Well, you know me: a red dial is a winner from the get-go, and anything...

AlbertaTime14three weeks ago

Re: Red dial Taishan & automatic Jinmao

Pawl_Buster11four weeks ago

Thanks! I don't know all of the technical specs, but...

saskwatch9three weeks ago

Must have been quite a while... Jpeg Attachments

Pawl_Buster85four weeks ago

Welcome back! It's great to see that you got that beautiful watch...

saskwatch12four weeks ago

Very nice watch and very interesting tips for movement! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF10four weeks ago

Thanks...sometimes we're just lucky Cheers! nt (n/t)

Pawl_Buster9four weeks ago

Wonderful news, and so good to see you here, Peter! (n/t)

AlbertaTime8four weeks ago

Re: Wonderful news, and so good to see you here, Peter!

Pawl_Buster10four weeks ago

smile (n/t)

AlbertaTime8three weeks ago

Nicely done Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike7four weeks ago

No need for a lot of photos, but when I saw... Jpeg Attachments URL

AlbertaTime251three months ago

Absolutely gorgeous watch! Like the black strap on that one too. (n/t)

kentparks25three weeks ago

Thank you! Laughing (n/t)

AlbertaTime10three weeks ago

It looks great! Thumbs up! Brown leather is an excellent choice. (n/t)

saskwatch25three months ago

smile (n/t)

AlbertaTime24three months ago

Yes, they look very good! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF27three months ago

That's a very handsome watch! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike31three months ago

Two more Suzhou brand watches with SS1-style movements Smile Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch96five weeks ago

These watches have an endless charm and appeal! Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF22four weeks ago

Thank you! I appreciate your replies. Cheers! (n/t)

saskwatch11four weeks ago

Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF8four weeks ago

Your Suzhou collection alone is worthy of high respect, Jon...

AlbertaTime9four weeks ago

Thanks for the kind words. Smile Yes, Suzhou watches are among my favourites...

saskwatch6four weeks ago

Thanks for sharing, is the dial on the 2nd watch light purple? (n/t)

BobbyMike7five weeks ago

Thanks for the reply. The colour's difficult to describe >>>

saskwatch12four weeks ago

It's beautiful, regardless Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike7four weeks ago

Early Beijing manual and automatic tongji movement watches Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch105seven weeks ago

I like them both! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF9six weeks ago

I love your support for this forum, Ioannis! Thank you! (n/t)

AlbertaTime12five weeks ago

Anytime, Ron! Cheers! Thumbs up!

IF8five weeks ago

Lotsa *wow* factor in those two, especially when...

AlbertaTime13seven weeks ago

Early Zhongshan with gold coloured hands and indices Jpeg Attachments URL

saskwatch49last month

Looks very nice and in great condition! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF10seven weeks ago

New reading material at the AMCHPR library smile Jpeg Attachments

AlbertaTime43last month

Wow! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF9seven weeks ago

Great find! Thumbs up! I'll definitely add a copy to my next Taobao order >>>

saskwatch16last month

Lianyungang and Shanghai ZSH Jpeg Attachments URL

saskwatch114two months ago

Lovely watches ! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF34two months ago

I'd love to know the backstory on the Lianyungang case back...

AlbertaTime16two months ago

That Lianyungang is sweet! Congrats! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike16two months ago

Re: That Lianyungang is sweet! Congrats! Thumbs up!

lynntina311last month

Hanzhong brand watches Jpeg Attachments URL

saskwatch163two months ago

Great band on that Hanzhong watch; sort of a Beads of Rice type. Thumbs up!

Kenny L32two months ago

That 1st Hangzhong is a really wonderful VCM...a terrific example of what you can find if you look at brands...

AlbertaTime57two months ago

Very interesting and very good looking watches! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF36two months ago

From Tianjin: Zhufeng & Ying Chun Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch114two months ago

Nice Ying Chun; reminds me of my Double Rhomb. Thumbs up! (n/t)

Kenny L25two months ago

You know I have a soft spot for ZhuFeng. I think that if someone wants a...

AlbertaTime23two months ago

Very nice designs on these watches! Enjoy them, they look great! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF30two months ago

Movement ID please. I found this watch yesterday. I am sure someone here can id the movement right away >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto109two months ago

Closest I find is that it resembles the Tongji on this page... URL

RR21843two months ago

Thank you! Marcel (n/t)

Reto14two months ago

I'm not an expert, but to me it looks like an automatic tongji (standard) movement >>>

saskwatch31two months ago

Thank you Sir (n/t)

Reto16two months ago

Beijixing & Tianlangxing Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch121three months ago

Totlly drool-worthy. Clean and the TLX is really entertaining. (n/t)

AlbertaTime44two months ago

Very nice vintage timepieces! Thumbs up! Smile (n/t)

IF50three months ago

A couple of uncommon examples of watches from Shanghai Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch161two months ago

Fantastic watches ! Great vintage ones and once again, lovely casebacks!Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF47two months ago

Wow! That blue dialed ZuanShi SM1A-K is gorgeous! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike41two months ago

A couple of AMCHPR "targets of opportunity"... Jpeg Attachments URL

AlbertaTime119three months ago

They look very good , sir! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF21three months ago

Ioannis, I'm always grateful for your comments! Happy New Year! (n/t)

AlbertaTime24three months ago

Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF23three months ago

Excellent catches! Thumbs up!Thumbs up! Both are in great condition >>>

saskwatch21three months ago

Two from Xian Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch126three months ago

Re: Two from Xian

sixpointman25three months ago

Well, Taobao is the best place, I think...but...

AlbertaTime28three months ago

Re: Well, Taobao is the best place, I think...but...

sixpointman24three months ago

OK, then I'd heartily recommend Taobao... Jpeg Attachments URL

AlbertaTime33three months ago

Very nice watches, both! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF26three months ago

2013 WUS Chinese Mechanical Watch forum "ST5" project watch... Image Attachments URL

AlbertaTime391three months ago

My red dial 2013 ST5 arrived! Smile Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch70three months ago

Very cool that we both went for meatball. I think only the folks most familiar with VCMs...

AlbertaTime30three months ago

Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF22three months ago

It's neat that you both got the stunning red dial! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike23three months ago

I like it! Congratulations Ron and enjoy it!!!Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF24three months ago

Excellent pictures! Thumbs up!Thumbs up! The red dial version is beautiful Smile

saskwatch29three months ago

Nice! Although the majority ordered the blue dial, I like your selection better. Cheers! (n/t)

JFK353123three months ago

I like it alot, mice catch Ron! (n/t)

BobbyMike24three months ago

Inexpensive Shanghai with a gold case??? Jpeg Attachments

Aldov126four months ago

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF30three months ago

It's a nice looking watch. Thumbs up! I like the fade dial >>>

saskwatch44four months ago


Aldov31three months ago

HaiShi SS1 in top condition for 40 years old... Jpeg Attachments

AlbertaTime108four months ago

Wow, looks great both in condition and design! Superb logo and a vintage! Enjoy it, Ron! Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF20three months ago

Excellent catch! Thumbs up! A Hai Shi with this dial is...

saskwatch35three months ago

A couple of future VCMs from Shanghai Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch148four months ago

They look great! Enjoy them! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF28four months ago

Oh...I am SOOO gonna get me one of those black dial beauties!!!! (n/t)

AlbertaTime37four months ago

WINNER ANNOUNCED: The PMWF 12th Anniversary WuYi Giveaway Watch Contest Thread China Made Watch or Movement !!! Image Attachments URL

AlbertaTime613four months ago

wow, I'm surprised!!!Smile

sharkfin32four months ago

My thanks for your taking part, and for your very kind comments! (n/t)

AlbertaTime32four months ago

Congrats! Cheers! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©15four months ago

Re: WINNER ANNOUNCED: The PMWF 12th Anniversary WuYi Giveaway Watch Contest Thread China Made Watch or Movement !!!

jinxed36four months ago

You are the gracious one my brotha! wink (n/t)

sharkfin25four months ago

Thank you, jinxed, for a classy, 100% gentleman's response, which is greatly appreciated...

AlbertaTime30four months ago

Very cool Thumbs Up I pick 911 laughing. Couldn't find pics of others but here's 2 Alphas & a China Made Watch or Movement powered REM Jpeg Attachments URL

Nuvolari32four months ago

That first bezel reminds me of something Laughing (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©23four months ago

biglove...number 23 Jpeg Attachments

biglove28four months ago

James is right. Eyki is Chinese to the core, and the NATO band is very likely made in China. (n/t)

AlbertaTime36four months ago

Eyki is definitely a Chinese brand! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©32four months ago

Re: The PMWF 12th Anniversary WuYi Giveaway Watch Contest Thread China Made Watch or Movement !!! Jpeg Attachments

tingrin28four months ago

Count me in man, (n/t)

Larry28four months ago

I'll join in this great contest!Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

itschris32four months ago

I guess 863 Smile Jpeg Attachments URL

gfbiii5134four months ago

Thank you! For the great opportunity Smile I'll pick #12 Image Attachments

jeremd67635four months ago

1912 Jpeg Attachments

Adam in NYC35four months ago

Cool contest! My number is 1555 Jpeg Attachments

Micha36four months ago

Thanks for the contest, Ron Thumbs up! 777 Smile Jpeg Attachments

Ethan_Mack21four months ago

I'll throw in with a guess of 1967 Jpeg Attachments

Chris L30four months ago

Re:The most Chinese watch I own is this old Wenger.

James T. Kirk©42four months ago

I really love my relatively new Parnis 6-eater. It's been VERY accurate, and it looks great Jpeg Attachments

Zeb51four months ago

I'll take 1955. This is my favorite Chinese watch, which I happened to wear today ... Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353152four months ago

Very nice contest this one! Jpeg Attachments

jinxed33four months ago

1268 Cheers! Jpeg Attachments URL

sharkfin33four months ago

I will refrain because of customs rules in my country... Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©34four months ago

I'll pick 537.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike32four months ago

Thanks PMWF and Ron and Reto and Kevin Ma for the excellent giveaway! Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch39four months ago

Great contest! I'll say 863 Jpeg Attachments

Dre31four months ago

Great contest at a great forum! I choose 1963 Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser42four months ago

I choose number 333. Thanks for the contest. Favorite watch inside... Jpeg Attachments URL

Jammer Dave49four months ago

I will choose number 2000. smile Thank you! for the contest! Jpeg Attachments

Dave M33four months ago

Well if I must choose a number it would be 1724... Image Attachments URL

RR21827four months ago

Thumbs up!Cheers! What a great contest and idea!Cheers! Jpeg Attachments

IF33four months ago

888 for me wink Jpeg Attachments

JP34four months ago

Re: The PMWF 12th Anniversary WuYi Giveaway ThreadChina Made Watch or Movement !!! Jpeg Attachments

KMJ196631four months ago

Shaolin and Linghua at the AMCHPR... Jpeg Attachments URL

AlbertaTime120four months ago

Both are excellent catches! Thumbs up! They're great examples...

saskwatch30four months ago

Now, these are very nice watches!!! Thumbs up! Smile BUT...

IF36four months ago

ZuanShi SM1A-K & Bengbu Tiane Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch95four months ago

Jon, when you write about the ZuanShi...

AlbertaTime36four months ago

They surely look very good to me! Their casebacks, of course, too!!! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF29four months ago

I found a Vintage Chinese mechanical watch information goldmine... Image Attachments URL

AlbertaTime150four months ago

Very interesting and great to find such a thing ! SmileThumbs up!

IF27four months ago

Excellent find! Thumbs up! Even without the ability to read the Chinese text....

saskwatch34four months ago

That diver on the front cover WIS Honeymoon (n/t)

BobbyMike35four months ago

That diver on the front cover is very rare Drooling , commanding (these days) about... Jpeg Attachments

AlbertaTime51four months ago

I remember you saying before that they were rare/costly - I guess I just have good taste Laughing (n/t)

BobbyMike30four months ago

Late afternoon change to walk the dog - China Made Watch or Movement Japan Made Watch or Movement DNA shuffle >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto108four months ago

Looks really good , Reto! Especially at that price!SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF46four months ago

that's a welcome improvement Smile (n/t)

AlbertaTime32four months ago

I'm feeling the pull of the Chinese watches. I've purchased these two handwinders, and I love them! Jpeg Attachments

Zeb235four months ago

In another 5 years the supply bottleneck of higher beat mechanical watches will be forgotten Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto68four months ago

Both great looking. *Love* the green hands version. (n/t)

AlbertaTime37four months ago

Very good! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF55four months ago

Nice catches Thumbs up! Both are good-looking watches. (n/t)

saskwatch31four months ago

Two more from Suzhou Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch165four months ago

Both look great, but I really like the second one. (n/t)

Kenny L26four months ago

Thank you. I can't help but fall for vintage Chinese textured dials. (n/t)

saskwatch27four months ago

My thoughts exactly. Envious (n/t)

gfbiii5130four months ago

Thanks! Smile (n/t)

saskwatch29four months ago

Look very good to me! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF24four months ago

Thanks for all of your replies. Smile It's great to see you here again. (n/t)

saskwatch29four months ago

I must also thank you, sir! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF42four months ago

A textured dial, signed bracelet, clean movements...including...

AlbertaTime45four months ago

We told you there were some special things planned.... Jpeg Attachments URL

BobbyMike149four months ago

Thank you for the exciting news and the excellent pictures! Thumbs up! (n/t)

saskwatch30four months ago

Excellent! A real beauty. Thumbs up! (n/t)

JFK353135four months ago

Maybe the best photos of this watch I've ever seen...the warmth of the dial is...

AlbertaTime41four months ago

Thanks Blushing I really wanted to do this beauty justice (n/t)

BobbyMike19four months ago

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up smile (n/t)

cmoy24four months ago

Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF29four months ago

Thanks a lot for these very tempting teaser pictures clapping Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto27four months ago

Hongqi SL2 Jpeg Attachments URL

saskwatch94four months ago

Another interesting dial texture, I can see why you like them Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike27four months ago

Very interesting info, a very nice watch, of course! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF27four months ago

My new Jaragar Jpeg Attachments

zarnivop265four months ago

Welcome to PMWF! Nice-looking Jaragar! (n/t)

saskwatch67four months ago

Welcome to PMWF! to pmwf! SmileThumbs up!

IF47four months ago

Thumbs up! Welcome! your watch has...

AlbertaTime47four months ago

Welcome to PMWF! to PMWF - we have a couple of Jaragar fans here already Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike69four months ago

Sea-Gull China Rail commemorative Jpeg Attachments

saskwatch231five months ago

I like the stripes on the movement. Great finds. (n/t)

Kenny L26four months ago

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF22four months ago

These are a rarer find every day, and both of yours are very much worth having...

AlbertaTime40five months ago

My second Shanghai A-581 Jpeg Attachments URL

saskwatch282six months ago

I like it! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF29four months ago

It's more than beautiful, and even if not all...

AlbertaTime49six months ago

Thanks! Smile >>>

saskwatch43six months ago


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