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Positive Feedback

You made a smooth purchase: list the seller here. Sellers may post "good buyers" for future reference.  
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Reto692three years ago

An Excellent Transaction with TwinCity1

dave4711two weeks ago

Progress is a Top Notch Seller

dave4737two weeks ago

Dickson at dtwatches.com is a solid seller! URL

biglove31two months ago

traded with Alathea...smooth transaction

atcdav21two months ago

vinaygautam good buyer, thanks

WatchDoc32three months ago

Hat's Off To Gillmanjr!

Remy Bosio72nine months ago

Great Seller

UncleLew2125ten months ago

Just confirming that MCV ( Marc) is 500% honest and great in his transactions!Thumbs up!Cheers! (n/t)

IF80last year


u2bdet79last year

jeremd676 is a very good guy to deal with, and I highly recommend him Thank you!

Cthulhu106last year

I recommend buying from Cthulhu, we just completed a fantastic transaction!Thumbs up!

jeremd676112last year

Thumbs up! Very great business with member ''Bigolac'', mr. Adam! 200% Positive! Thank you!!!Smile (n/t)

IF121last year

Smooth transaction with Carlopmwf

Steuerman152last year

WatchDoc is a stand-up kind of buyer!

carlos x168last year

carlos x/carlosx/carlos_X: Great seller URL

WatchDoc199last year

surbarbro is a great seller, communicator, packer, shipper,

Steuerman224last year

JY - great transaction, my first through pmwf

djspite264last year

Dano0 in USA is great seller!

James T. KirkĀ©226last year

RR218 (Marcel) in Canada, excellent trader/barterer!

James T. KirkĀ©270last year

I happily recommend Allan Zirlin as a buyer

JY231last year

JY in Australia = excellent seller.

Allan Zirlin197last year

Stephen Price is an excellent buyer. smile

JY221last year

JY and I concluded a smooth Int'l transaction!

steve-0192last year

JV Made 1st PMWF Transaction a Blooming Success!

ozzietwd201last year

Ozzietwd is an excellent buyer Cheers!

JY236last year

Hector Rocks!

dental4usa175last year

Remy Bosio Great SellerThumbs up!Cheers!

unreal45202last year

Uber is an excellent buyer

JY236last year

JY is an exceptional seller! (and a nice bloke too) Cheers! URL

Uber211last year

Jeepdad excellent buyer.

bigvatch237two years ago

rconnolly is a Fantastic seller!

Horologe210two years ago

razorback88 is a great seller ++++ (n/t)

huntre220two years ago

Riddim Driven - A+ Seller URL

ajt36234two years ago

+++AJT36 is a great buyer

capitalisttool_mt246two years ago

A+ for capitalisttool_mt as seller

ajt36190two years ago

Also, ''BobbyMike'' , member & admin, really makes great deals and business!!!Thank you!Cheers! (n/t)

IF305two years ago

Bravo to member''Harsh""! Perfect business!Cheers! (n/t)

IF262two years ago

MCV is an excellent seller and will continue to get my business anytime. A+++++++ wink Thumbs Up Thumbs Up (n/t)

Hector258two years ago

Great transaction from AntFarm (aka Tony)

mikef292two years ago


Ninjastar274two years ago

Thank you mfrmn

johnwongtw342two years ago

Thumbs up! for tom c

jeremd676274two years ago

Thumbs up! jermeyd676

tom c276two years ago

Re: Thumbs up! jermeyd676

tom c229two years ago

FABAME Watch Bands

DRFP429two years ago

Thumbs Up and Thank you! to johnjhodges

Anonymous User271two years ago

Thumbs Up for 2nd Hand

Dre293two years ago

Thumbs Up for Worldsclide!

Dre332two years ago

It is obvious but still many thanks and A+ for admin Micha and transactions with him!Highly recommended!Thanks (n/t)

IF360two years ago

Chalifoc= A+

Snowbird328three years ago

++++ for NE Watch Works (Duarte Mendonca)

capitalisttool_mt653three years ago

+1, Duarte is great! Thumbs up! (n/t)

MCV309three years ago

cjensen +1

redfisher007418three years ago


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