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Poor Man's Watch Forum

More watch for the money, more friends for the hobby! For watches below USD 1'000. Be friendly and tolerant and you got 99% of the community rules covered.
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Sticky Sticky Post Please include DAY and DATE if you start the Roll Call. Thank you! (n/t) (1 Posts)

Reto33two days ago

Sticky Sticky PostA reply to a thread (topic) will move it to the top of the forum page. This is called bumping (n/t) (1 Posts)

Reto297two months ago

What watch have you owned the longest?

Jittery Jim111yesterday, 06:00PM

61 years....and it still keeps execllent time>>>>> Jpeg Attachments

EdH22eight hours ago

Must be this oldie... there is however an old Fortis Dolphin >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto23ten hours ago

I am really getting old, make that a Fortis Flipper, the Dolphin was the logo animal (n/t)

Reto5ten hours ago

This Timex from 1975. Jpeg Attachments

Dave M20eighteen hours ago

My Mido Multifort that I got for graduation in 1977. One of my favorites ... Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353120nineteen hours ago

This Hamilton Illinois.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike1621 hours ago

Saved up Crazy! Loco! money when I was a kid for this one Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 10002621 hours ago

You even a keen eye back then Shane.Where you into scuba diving back then? (n/t)

RussMurray7seven hours ago

Always been into dive watches, simply because they are waterproof

DELAURIAN 10007six hours ago

I really took a liking to those Certinas after I got certified. Was always curious about what the Europeans..

RussMurray023 minutes ago

Easy Peezy....my 1966 Seiko Sportsmatic of course. Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray2022 hours ago

I just sold it a month ago - Longines Admiral from c. 1993 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

JP1723 hours ago

Actually 2 of them for 33 years. Jpeg Attachments URL

Timemiser24yesterday, 10:04PM

13 years smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha19yesterday, 09:49PM

I'm thinking......52 years or so. Laughing Jpeg Attachments URL

gfbiii5131yesterday, 08:28PM

At least 30 years .......... Jpeg Attachments

Robmks1523 hours ago

Thumbs up!Good Quetion... Jpeg Attachments

MCS23yesterday, 07:53PM

11 Years - Poljot Okeah Image Attachments

Jittery Jim29yesterday, 06:02PM

One of the smartest looking chromosomes out there. Fresh design...your girl done good! (n/t)

RussMurray0eighteen minutes ago

Thumbs Up Poljot Okeah... I wish I bought one back then, $150 if I recall... biggest blow of my WIS life (n/t)

JP1423 hours ago

Yeah they were a lot more affordable back then. I think she paid about $165 for mine. smile (n/t)

Jittery Jim1023 hours ago

Wednesday, April 23rd 2014 - What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike126yesterday, 12:35PM

Thumbs Up Marine today smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha20yesterday, 09:46PM

Thumbs up! super nice, super clean. (n/t)

DELAURIAN 10007twenty hours ago

PW today smile (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo21yesterday, 07:54PM

Great hands! Love them! (n/t)

Timemiser11nineteen hours ago

Thank you! smile (n/t)

wodo346 minutes ago

Hooked! Laughing Orient Flight for me. Jpeg Attachments

Zeb24yesterday, 05:20PM

No surprises here either! Android Stance on the wrist! Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©34yesterday, 04:51PM

What a beastThumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 10006twenty hours ago

Sounds like you're having a great time Johan. That's terrific. Cool watch too. (n/t)

RussMurray13yesterday, 05:09PM

Thanks Russ, friday we'll be on the move again and then some other watches will show up...Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©7yesterday, 05:16PM

I know Carhartt smile >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto29yesterday, 05:07PM

Great pairing!! (n/t)

RR2185yesterday, 09:55PM

Double timing! laughing (n/t)

Jittery Jim11yesterday, 05:28PM

Indeed! Thumbs up!

James T. Kirk©7yesterday, 05:17PM

Thumbs Up Nice, of course! Red Dot for me today. smile (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Jittery Jim27yesterday, 03:55PM

We seem to be afflicted by our respective wrist-hogs Bobby, Love that GMT and for me, no surprise I guess... Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray23yesterday, 03:51PM

Always nice to see that one Michael! Hamilton for Hump Day! Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser21yesterday, 02:54PM

Good Morning, Day, Evening! SWEET!!!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling Flieger for me... Jpeg Attachments

cmoy24yesterday, 02:27PM

Oohhhhh that's sweet! drooling (n/t)

Jittery Jim10yesterday, 03:56PM

Great GMT Thumbs up! An Orient kinda GMT here ..... Smile Jpeg Attachments

Robmks23yesterday, 02:09PM

Thumbs up!HMT Pilot Today...... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

MCS16yesterday, 02:03PM

Perpetual today Jpeg Attachments URL

gfbiii5114yesterday, 01:51PM

Good day Michael and all pmwf! Lovely watch!!!!!!!! SmileThumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

IF31yesterday, 01:50PM

Nice bronze divers model, Yannis! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©10yesterday, 05:14PM

Johan, thank you ! Smile (n/t)

IF7yesterday, 07:48PM

Nice canteen diver IF (n/t)

Reto10yesterday, 02:07PM

Thank you, Reto! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF7yesterday, 04:18PM

Pathfinder today.....What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100022yesterday, 01:39PM

That's something different, Shane! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©10yesterday, 05:13PM

I like the Pathfinders, I wear them often,especially doing activities

DELAURIAN 1000521 hours ago

My latest, a multi-function ana-digi for USD 20 >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto31yesterday, 01:21PM

Congrats with it Reto, but be careful with the coating! Smile (n/t)

James T. Kirk©11yesterday, 05:12PM

Thanks Johan. I am thinking if I chip the coating, it could go to Duarte for bead blasting (n/t)

Reto4ten hours ago

Wearing Russian powered automatic "Timetone" today. Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa21yesterday, 01:16PM

Nice golden watch! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©10yesterday, 05:02PM

Good Good Morning, Day, Evening! gang. Citizen chrono for me. wink (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Hector19yesterday, 01:14PM

Roamer/ Seamaster combo for me today...maybe the IWC homage will make an appearance. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21821yesterday, 01:08PM

Nice! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©8yesterday, 05:00PM

Thanks buddy!! (n/t)

RR2186twenty hours ago

Very nice, Mike. Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353117yesterday, 01:07PM

Good Morning, Day, Evening! Mike! Helberg for me Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto34yesterday, 12:59PM

Kind of an Homage to the Rolex, looks greatThumbs up!Thumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100012twenty hours ago

Re: Kind of an Homage to the Rolex, looks greatThumbs up!Thumbs up! Image Attachments

ncmoto7eight hours ago

So odd looking , I think that's what makes it so freakin cool Ken.Thumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 10006eight hours ago

Re: So odd looking , I think that's what makes it so freakin cool Ken.Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto5seven hours ago

EEK! EEK! Thumbs Up (n/t)

Micha8yesterday, 09:48PM

Re: EEK! EEK! Thumbs Up

ncmoto3eight hours ago

Wow!, that crystal! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©8yesterday, 04:59PM

Cool Superdome! What's the WR rating? (n/t)

RR21810yesterday, 01:43PM

Re: Cool Superdome! What's the WR rating?

ncmoto11yesterday, 08:23PM

Holy frijoles!!!!Crazy! Loco! (n/t)

RR2188yesterday, 10:08PM

MKii here as well. Thumbs Up Jpeg Attachments

Dave M23yesterday, 12:39PM

Thumbs Up Great choice. (n/t)

Jittery Jim10yesterday, 04:05PM

Sidereal/Solar watch Jpeg Attachments URL

sehrgut97three days ago

Other dual-movement watches

sehrgut8one hour ago

Re: Other dual-movement watches Jpeg Attachments

sehrgut0one hour ago

Are you afraid you will miss your next UFO encounter by 3 minutes 56 seconds? laughing

Dave M20three days ago

So a four-minute range on a regulator wouldn't be entirely unheard-of? Crazy! Loco!

sehrgut14three days ago

I have seen watches able to be regulated that had been off by 240s/d, so I presume that >>

Dave M19three days ago

I'm tempted to pick it up and try, then.

sehrgut15three days ago

I really want to be on the mountaintop at the correct time, yes.

sehrgut14three days ago

Can't see why not, but you have to realize that they will drift differently...

RR21817three days ago

Independent drift doesn't bother me much . . .

sehrgut15three days ago

In that case, Dave stated it best that you would need to adjust one of the movements...

RR21814three days ago

Smile (n/t)

sehrgut10three days ago

How do we look for Thursday April 24th What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

Hector60ten hours ago

Thumbs Up Blue Angels today smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha9two hours ago

Great hands on that chrono Hector! Vintage Trophy for me today. Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser10six hours ago

Love the crown and pushers on that Thumbs up! Another Orient day here ... Jpeg Attachments

Robmks11seven hours ago

Good morning gang, it's the SKXA35009171 for me today... Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray10seven hours ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening! NICE looking Oris Hector! Thumbs Up Cool Photographing tonight... Jpeg Attachments

cmoy11seven hours ago

Bump (n/t)

Reto7seven hours ago

IWC>>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto9seven hours ago

Nice one Hector, same as before... Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©7eight hours ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening!...Patriot today Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100021eight hours ago

Good morning, Hector. Thumbs Up Chrono here as well... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M14ten hours ago

Oooh, nice!Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©3two hours ago

Watch related news! Having trouble making babies? ...... Smile Jpeg Attachments

Robmks7723 hours ago

Very cool, love the artwork in these older adsThumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 10004two hours ago

That's Cool! (n/t)

Timemiser4five hours ago

Probably works for the watch bug too smile (n/t)

Reto4seven hours ago

Reminds me of something I saw here... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M12eight hours ago

Time for some massive group shots. I still have most of these, but a few have been sold. Let's see yours smile Jpeg Attachments

Zeb76yesterday, 05:14PM

That is a lot of stainless steel! Great shots! (n/t)

Timemiser11four hours ago

At least we know that you're not too obsessive...

Dave M8nine hours ago

Wow! Supercool ! Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF9yesterday, 07:50PM

Holy spit! Whole lotta good stuff in those pics! (n/t)

Jittery Jim9yesterday, 05:55PM

Patina View Update... Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray68yesterday, 03:47PM

I like it, a la naturel. Smile (n/t)

Timemiser7four hours ago

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF7yesterday, 04:19PM

My Armida A8 is progressing at about the same pace... >>

Jittery Jim14yesterday, 03:49PM

It's like your face, why age it prematurely, WE earn those wrinkles and scars.....

DELAURIAN 100012nineteen hours ago

Good question Jim. I'm also torn but should you elect to speed 'er up, at least you use a little Brasso to ...

RussMurray9yesterday, 03:54PM

Cheers! Dr. Seiko sent me pictures of my "Ideal" Spork! >>> Thumbs up!WIS HoneymoonThumbs up! Image Attachments

Thomas6422 hours ago

Super mod Thumbs up! (n/t)

Robmks4seven hours ago

Congrats Thomas Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto4seven hours ago

Your killing me! Laughinglooks good!

Timemiser5eight hours ago

Rules Question: fantasy watch with sterile dial but fake-branded caseback

sehrgut81yesterday, 09:06PM

Fake aleart If the maker is using the name of another firm ANYWHERE on the watch...

BobbyMike1621 hours ago

+1 (n/t)

cmoy9seven hours ago


sehrgut10nineteen hours ago

Agree. (n/t)

DanB721 hours ago

Seen many Marina Militares with Panerai on the case back....

DELAURIAN 10001821 hours ago

Years back there has been this situation >>> URL

Reto12ten hours ago

And >>>

Reto17ten hours ago

Band recommendation Jpeg Attachments

sehrgut126two weeks ago

No luck with a Skagen OEM mesh bracelet. I am crying Jpeg Attachments URL

sehrgut11yesterday, 07:39PM

Bummer. A valiant effort, though. (n/t)

Dave M7nine hours ago

Cool. Agree with Dave M ............. Jpeg Attachments URL

Robmks37last week

Welcome to PMWF! Depending on what it looks like under that hooded lug>>

Dave M37last week

Re: Depending on what it looks like under that hooded lug>> Jpeg Attachments

sehrgut38thirteen days ago

+1 and Welcome to PMWF! to pmwf! Smile (n/t)

IF32thirteen days ago

Off topic post (not watch related)I've never posted my hike/climb at the Eiger NW Jpeg Attachments

wodo142three days ago

Thank you! Guys smileThumbs Up (n/t)

wodo7yesterday, 06:53PM

Superb topic here!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF8yesterday, 10:55AM

Great stuff. Thanks! Cheers! URL

JFK35319two days ago

Wow beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing. (n/t)

Dave P16three days ago

Beautiful! Thanks for posting. (n/t)

Dave M12three days ago

My heart, my heart... your pictures make me cry... beautiful (n/t)

Reto9three days ago

Such incredible scenery! More please!Laughing (n/t)

Timemiser10three days ago

I love your mountain pictures. Thumbs up! (n/t)

DanB13three days ago

Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike13three days ago

Wow, great pics, Dodo! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©11three days ago

As always, amazing photos dodo!!! Thank you for the post! (n/t)

RR21814three days ago

Part2 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo39three days ago

Part3 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo35three days ago

Ok, here's the rest of the pics Laughing Part4 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo27two days ago

Amazing. Thank you . Thumbs up! (n/t)

DanB9yesterday, 09:27AM

Part5 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo23two days ago

Part6 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo27two days ago

Part7 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo27two days ago

Part8 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo27two days ago

Part9 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo24two days ago

Part10 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo25two days ago

Part11 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo26two days ago

Part12 (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo26two days ago

Part13 and end! Of course i was forced to Jpeg Attachments

wodo38two days ago

A picture is worth a thousand words. You do the math. Great!Thumbs up! (n/t)

johnizy14two days ago

Quite the adventure! While the G-Shock is cool...

Timemiser17two days ago

Incredible Eek!

gfbiii5111two days ago

Supreme Dodo! a hike for those kind of views makes all the pains during that worth it.Thumbs up!subjectsmiley65 ! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100023two days ago

+1 (n/t)

Reto11two days ago

Just great. Thx again (n/t)

Reto13two days ago

Great pics!! Thanks for sharing them (n/t)

pumpkin200113two days ago

Thanks a lot for sharing these wodo clapping (n/t)

Reto10three days ago

Majestic. Love that you got people, buildings and cows in the shots. Clapping! (n/t)

Robmks17three days ago

+1 (n/t)

Reto9three days ago

+2 (n/t)

Dave M16three days ago

+3 and what an amazing place!!! Bravo, Dodo!!!!!!!!!!!Cheers!Cheers! (n/t)

IF14two days ago

Monday the 21st, good Good Morning, Day, Evening! and What are you wearing? (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Larry139three days ago

Re: Monday the 21st, good Good Morning, Day, Evening! and What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

zznick18yesterday, 11:39AM

Thumbs up!Smile and also Welcome to PMWF! to pmwf! (n/t)

IF12yesterday, 12:24PM

Bump (n/t)

Reto19two days ago

My Computron came today, so guess what I'm wearing. Jpeg Attachments

sehrgut57three days ago

Very nice! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©14two days ago

Great digital classic Thumbs Up I had a look at your website too, very impressive work Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto22three days ago

Thanks! Blushing I need to post some more stuff, though.

sehrgut21three days ago

smile (n/t)

Reto16three days ago

Thumbs Up This one while an a walk through Frankfurt smile (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Micha47three days ago

Die richtige Uhr um sich durch die Menge an der Zeile zu schlaengeln smile Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto20three days ago

Stimmt genau! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©14two days ago

Wunderschön! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18three days ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening! All! Looks like it's going to be one of those weeks.Crazy! Loco! Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser38three days ago

Hi Larry, also same as yesterday. Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©34three days ago

Morning Captain! Very good pic of a cool watch!! (n/t)

RR21822three days ago

Thanks my friend! Smile (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18three days ago

Asked myself 'which watch haven't I worn in a long time?' Jpeg Attachments

Dre33three days ago

Happy Monday. Wound up the Zenith ........ Jpeg Attachments

Robmks37three days ago

Envious (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18three days ago

Good day, all. Going with the Tsunami... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M37three days ago

Looking great! (n/t)

RR21822three days ago

Going with a Watch made in Russia (or CCCP) today ... Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353133three days ago

Very cool! (n/t)

RR21817three days ago

Hello guys, combat today (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo51three days ago

Very nice! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18three days ago

Belle photo,dodo!!Thumbs up! (n/t)

RR21820three days ago

Good day ALL!....wearing a 6,600fter today.Smile Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100055three days ago

Very nice Shane Thumbs Up Great classic diver looks (n/t)

Reto22three days ago

Thank you! Reto...their line up of watches are good @ great prices too. (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100012yesterday, 01:40PM

Good Good Morning, Day, Evening! everyone. TW Steel for me to start my Monday (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Hector52three days ago

Massive and nice Hector Thumbs Up I saw a lot of these during >>>

Reto20three days ago

Wearing Pobeda today. Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa32three days ago

Good morning all! Caravelle diver today with Seamaster and Wittnauer in the lineup as well (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21836three days ago

Nice....Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18three days ago

Thank you!! (n/t)

RR21819three days ago

Great choices, Marcel ! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF22three days ago

Thank you, Ioannis! (n/t)

RR21818three days ago

Cheers! Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike33three days ago

Got rid of the fog >>> Jpeg Attachments URL

Reto53three days ago

Impressive! Thumbs up! (n/t)

DanB19two days ago

That is a massive difference, Reto, well done! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©21three days ago

Thank you! Johan Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto19three days ago

nice work reto, just did the same thing with an android skeleton watch (n/t)

solex24three days ago

Congrats Dan Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto17three days ago

That's a nice recipe and it looks to be successful! Very nice, Reto! (n/t)

RR21819three days ago

Thank you! Marcel Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto18three days ago

Looks like new. Thumbs up! And an alternative to Multi Tack ......

Robmks20three days ago

Thanks Bob - Fun Tack sounds like fun to use as well. I collected all available brands in Thailand's B2S shops Image Attachments

Reto29three days ago

Great work Reto smile (n/t)

wodo20three days ago

Thank you! wodo and IF Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto17three days ago

Thumbs up!Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF18three days ago

Good day pmwf! SmileThumbs up! (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

IF40three days ago

I am lovin' that Chateau...especially the hands! (n/t)

RR21821three days ago

Thank you, Marcel ! Smile (n/t)

IF17three days ago

Tues. the 22nd. Last b4 a vacay.Laughing good Good Morning, Day, Evening! and What are you wearing? (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Larry106two days ago

Thumbs Up Steinhart today smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha22two days ago

G-Shock today. Smile. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

DanB18two days ago

Re: G-Shock today. Smile.

zznick11yesterday, 11:31AM

Wearing the latest enttry to the Top 10...Beijing dive watch... Jpeg Attachments

AlbertaTime31two days ago

Very nice Thumbs up! (n/t)

Robmks11two days ago

Thumbs up!Nice BFK..... Monster Today.... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

MCS25two days ago

Have fun Larry! Rain coming back in, 500m should be good. Laughing Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser26two days ago

Same here Larry, vacation and one of 2 watches I'm wearing Wink Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©20two days ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening! Enjoy your vacation. Going to work with Zenith .... Jpeg Attachments

Robmks20two days ago

Good day mr.Larry ( have a good holiday Thumbs up!Smile)!Smile Jpeg Attachments

IF21two days ago

Renovating a client's porch today, so something tough.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike19two days ago

Continuing with a brown strap watch - Ocean 7 American Jpeg Attachments

Dre21two days ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening!Guys smile Amphibia today (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo24two days ago

Not as funky as Ken's, but another 70's watch for today ... Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353124two days ago

Re: Not as funky as Ken's, but another 70's watch for today ...

zznick10yesterday, 11:36AM

Good Morning, Day, Evening!all some 70s funk today Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto21two days ago

That, Ken, is funk to the nth degree!!!Drooling (n/t)

RR21813two days ago

Thanks MarcelLaughing (n/t)

ncmoto12two days ago

Have a great vacation, Larry! Select this morning and most likely my ICB latrer on... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21820two days ago

IWC >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto24two days ago

Enjoy your vacation, Larry. smile Seiko mod here... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M21two days ago

Love that mod! (n/t)

Timemiser17two days ago

Enjoy your vacation....G'day ALL!.RXW-Poseidon today.Smile Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100033two days ago

Winners of the Noah Fuller memorial contest!Clapping! Jpeg Attachments URL

Axel6651yesterday, 10:04AM

Cheers! Thumbs up! Bravo! (n/t)

IF9yesterday, 10:48AM

Happy Birthday BobbyMike clapping and many more returns clapping (n/t)

Reto76three days ago

Happy Birfday, BobbyMike! (n/t)

AlbertaTime15two days ago

Thanks Ron!! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike9two days ago

Happy belated Birthday!!Clapping!Cheers! (n/t)

jeremd67614two days ago

Thanks Jeremy,! I accept late wishes Wink (n/t)

BobbyMike11two days ago

Happy Birthday! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! (n/t)

DanB17three days ago

Thanks Daniel Smile (n/t)

BobbyMike11three days ago

clapping !ekiM yadhtriB yppaH (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100016three days ago

subjectsmiley04 !!!enahS sknahT (n/t)

BobbyMike15three days ago

Happy birthday! (n/t)

Micha15three days ago

Thanks Michael Smile (n/t)

BobbyMike14three days ago

Happy Birthday Michael! Cheers! Try to enjoy your day! (n/t)

Timemiser17three days ago

Thanks Tim! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike12three days ago

Happy Birtday Michael! Cheers! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©15three days ago

Thanks Johan! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike13three days ago

Happy Birthday! (n/t)

Dre16three days ago

Thank you Andrej! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike12three days ago

Happy Birthday Michael! Clapping! Cheers! (n/t)

Dave M17three days ago

Thanks Dave, Spring is officially here Laughing (n/t)

BobbyMike14three days ago

Happy Birthday, Mike! Cheers! (n/t)

JFK353117three days ago

Thank you Joe! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike13three days ago

Happy Birthday Clapping! (n/t)

wodo18three days ago

Ah! My favorite mountaineer! Thanks Wodo! (n/t)

BobbyMike12three days ago

Cool (n/t)

wodo14three days ago

A heartfelt Happy Birthday to you, Michael! Hope you have a wonderful day! (n/t)

RR21817three days ago

Marcel, thank you!! (n/t)

BobbyMike12three days ago

Thank you my friend Blushing (n/t)

BobbyMike14three days ago

Happy Birthday Michael ! Clapping!Cheers! (n/t)

IF18three days ago

Thanks Ioannis! Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike13three days ago

deal alert: 23 hours left: Stuhrling Aqaudiver Regatta watch for $49 + shipping Jpeg Attachments URL

benhemp134six days ago

Thanks for the update Bruce Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto11three days ago

deal has changed: ONLY 2 hours left: 5 colors, stainless band: Stuhrling Aquadiver watch for $49 + shipping Jpeg Attachments URL

benhemp17three days ago

EXTENDED: now 2 days left: 5 colors, stainless band: Stuhrling Aquadiver watch for $49 + shipping (n/t)

benhemp13two days ago

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF18five days ago

some more time added: now "ending in 2 days" (n/t)

benhemp20five days ago

I like it. Now that it is getting warmer, a good watch to own (n/t)

Reto20six days ago

Good Good Morning, Day, Evening!, happy tuesday! What are you wearing? Image Attachments

James T. Kirk©217seven months ago

FrankenSeiko today Jpeg Attachments

ncmoto105seven months ago

Ah, a "Loyswatch" Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©70seven months ago

nice android Jpeg Attachments

DRFP64seven months ago

Nice Croton! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©47seven months ago

Found some time before the sun went down. Laughing Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser92seven months ago

Have the pictures been moved? I am getting this only Jpeg Attachments

Reto20three days ago

What a great picture Thumbs Up And a great watch too (n/t)

Reto33seven months ago

Supercool watch! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©51seven months ago

Thank you Jim. (n/t)

Timemiser46seven months ago

That's really great watch! They just released a new update that's nice too Thumbs up!

Riddim Driven61seven months ago

Thanks Adam. I like the bezel inlay on this model better. Although the new one is sapphire I believe.

Timemiser47seven months ago

What happened to have to replace your bezel insert?.......

Riddim Driven53seven months ago

I agree with you on the 9015 movement. I have one in my Deep Blue. It runs great!

Timemiser54seven months ago

Cool & funky, Johan! I'm wearing something funky of a another colour... Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray65seven months ago

Indeed, looks great! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©42seven months ago

You guys definitely have the funk going on, looks great (n/t)

solex49seven months ago

WIS Honeymoongreen-yellow and silver combo! A battlered SKX009 for me Smile (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

LeeMorgan89seven months ago

That is exquiste Lee! Love the hand set! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Riddim Driven36seven months ago

looks perfect to my eyes (n/t)

solex52seven months ago

Nice Wabi for me too Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto40seven months ago

Oh! Poor, poor 009!! Eek! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©38seven months ago

De Rieter - Regulated at +4 seconds Jpeg Attachments

solex54seven months ago

X-Wind today smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha60seven months ago

Beautiful! Drooling Envious (n/t)

James T. Kirk©42seven months ago

One of my favorite Watch made in Russia (or CCCP) today, this blue dialed one .... Jpeg Attachments

JFK353166seven months ago

Thumbs up! Capt! Greeeeeen! Still in the new acquisition, presented on WDD Smile Jpeg Attachments

Riddim Driven80seven months ago

I always thought someday I'll get an orange dial Doxa. Now you and Dave have changed my mind.

Timemiser44seven months ago

For a long time, it was the farthest from my mind...

Riddim Driven39seven months ago

Drooling (n/t)

James T. Kirk©38seven months ago

That IS one beautiful watch! Thumbs up!

JFK353158seven months ago

Well, now after 7 years, I made the jump, and it is quite impressive....

Riddim Driven71seven months ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening! Funky Jim©! Thumbs Up Cool Starting the work week with this smile Jpeg Attachments

cmoy66seven months ago

Very nice indeed! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©49seven months ago

Thanks Jim© (n/t)

cmoy36seven months ago

Groovy Thumbs up! Sticking with GG ........ Jpeg Attachments

Robmks57seven months ago

Hey, what with all the Star Trek equipment there! Laughing (n/t)

James T. Kirk©48seven months ago

Good day, Johan and pmwf! SmileThumbs up! Lovely watch there!Cool Jpeg Attachments

IF69seven months ago

Thank you! You're the master-macro photo maker! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©37seven months ago

Johan, thank you! ( Most of work is done by the cameraLaughing) !Smile (n/t)

IF46seven months ago

Nâh, you have an eye for it too, brother! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©37seven months ago

Like that green dial! CW C60 for me today Jpeg Attachments

Dre76seven months ago

Very nice CW! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©41seven months ago

Citizen on a JStrap for me today.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike66seven months ago

Must love those Citizens! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©48seven months ago

That's a very sharp looking Android, wearing my Aquastar today. Jpeg Attachments

Paul J Costa68seven months ago

Very classy diver Paul! (n/t)

BobbyMike46seven months ago

Thank you! Paul! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©42seven months ago

Nice green Johan Thumbs Up Revue Thommen L.E. Cricket today >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto79seven months ago

Re: Nice green Johan Thumbs Up Revue Thommen L.E. Cricket today >>>

Doug Rees22three days ago

I have sent you a private message Doug (n/t)

Reto14two days ago

Thank you! And I always love dual crown watches! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©52seven months ago

Thank you Johan Thumbs Up Me too, I think it makes the watch look more balanced (n/t)

Reto43seven months ago

Nice deep metallic green there, Admiral! Thumbs Up I'm kayaking after work>> Jpeg Attachments

Dave M62seven months ago

Thank you! And a very cool mod yourself! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©46seven months ago

Nice mod Dave Thumbs Up Have fun kayaking Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto49seven months ago

Got me a slightly used Marathon Navigator Incoming!- finally with pics attached!Laughing Jpeg Attachments

RR218146four days ago

Congrats Marcel Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto10three days ago

Thank you, Reto!Smile (n/t)

RR21810three days ago

Cool military piece! I like the Marathons. Congrats Marcel! (n/t)

Timemiser11three days ago

Thank you! The designs put forth by Marathon are very cool...

RR21814three days ago

2004 contract. The tritium is close to its first half-life.

Chris L19three days ago

Thank you, yes, the idea of the half life did cross my mind...

RR21812three days ago

Thumbs Up Nice. (n/t)

Jittery Jim15three days ago

Thank you, James! (n/t)

RR21811three days ago

Cool! I love a Marathon! Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©14three days ago

I would rather have an automatic movement Marathon, but my pockets aren't that deep...Laughing

RR21817three days ago

Cool! Thumbs Up Hopefully, there's some life left to the tritium. (n/t)

Dave M16three days ago

Not too worried about the Tritium, but I know what you mean...

RR21815three days ago

Nice Marcel Thumbs Up (n/t)

wodo14three days ago

Thank you, wodo! (n/t)

RR21813three days ago

Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF19three days ago

Thank you, Ioannis- somehow I managed not to put the pic in... (n/t)

RR21812three days ago

WHOOPS! somehow hit "reply" .... (n/t)

RR21817three days ago

It's a happy day, a new watch arrived "Billy Jean is not my lover", but I bought his bracelets! >>> Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. offCrazy! Loco!Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off Image Attachments URL

Thomas109four days ago

Cheers! Thank you gentlemen, I didn't want to bump this to the top, but it has been quiet, so... Thumbs up!LaughingThumbs up! (n/t)

Thomas13three days ago

Looks great. They are solid, that's for sure. (n/t)

Dave M13three days ago

Beauty (both watch and bracelet)!! (n/t)

BobbyMike15four days ago

Looks good! I'm am oyster fan too! (n/t)

Timemiser16four days ago

They look great! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF13four days ago

Greetings from Logansport, Indiana. Smile

James T. Kirk©122four days ago

Enjoy your visit! and Congrats. Thumbs Up (n/t)

Dave M15three days ago

Thanks Dave! Smile (n/t)

James T. Kirk©12three days ago

Nothing like getting 4 new watches... At once! Congrats Johan & Happy Easter! (n/t)

Timemiser18four days ago

Hahaha, you're right Tim, watch-heaven! Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off (n/t)

James T. Kirk©12three days ago

OK, found the time for pictures! Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©44four days ago

Sad to hear about the strap I am angry!

BobbyMike20four days ago

Re: Always thought you would like it.

James T. Kirk©14three days ago

Good ones, Johan! Thumbs up! Smile Enjoy them!!! Cheers! (n/t)

IF19four days ago

More to come, Yannis, we'll visit another brother in law! Laughing

James T. Kirk©15three days ago

I like the AndroidThumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100017four days ago

Thanks Shane, it's on my wrist right now! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©16four days ago

By the way, can't wait to see the new watches, cause...

RR21819four days ago

Well then, eat your heart out! Laughing (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18four days ago

Very nice pieces, Johan! (n/t)

RR21818four days ago

Thanks, my friend, soon you'll have also one extra... Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©12three days ago

Good day captain! (n/t)

wodo17four days ago

Bonjour, Bonsoir mon ami! es, 6 hours time-difference! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©18four days ago

So you're in the same TZ as NY? (n/t)

wodo18four days ago

If it is the same time zone as Indiana, I guess so! Wink (n/t)

James T. Kirk©13three days ago

Happy Easter Johan (n/t)

Reto18four days ago

I could not help myself smile >>> Png Attachments Jpeg Attachments URL

Reto32four days ago

Thanks Reto, yes, that's where we are and interestingly...

James T. Kirk©16four days ago

Safe travels and enjoy your Easter, Jim. (n/t)

Mark C.18four days ago

Thank you! Mark! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©16four days ago

Happy Easter, Johan- glad to hear you arrived safely! (n/t)

RR21818four days ago

Thanks my friend, now we're in the same time-zone! Wink

James T. Kirk©17four days ago

Smile Thumbs up! Have great time , Johan! (n/t)

IF19four days ago

Already do, Yannis! Cheers! Happy Easter! Thumbs up! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©16four days ago

First Post "Strange and Painful Illness"? Rare?

swissmade1240695five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! to PMWF. (n/t)

Dave M18three days ago

Welcome to PMWF! and thanks for the intro Thumbs Up You will have good and numerous company here for your CHS smile (n/t)

Reto19three days ago

Sounds weird. I'm sure none of us have ever experienced anything like that Whistle

BobbyMike22five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! and enjoy the PMWF. You are describing most of us.Laughing (n/t)

Mark C.21five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! My "shortness of cash" leads to "uncotrollable yearning."Laughing

Timemiser22five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! Smile

DanB21five days ago

Easter Egg Colors! A Falcon, Focus, Ferrari, Olds, MG, Mach I, STI & more would find a G-Shock in common! laughing Jpeg Attachments URL

Nuvolari142four days ago

Another cool motoring post. Thumbs Up (n/t)

Dave M13three days ago

Great way to spend the day and with good company! (n/t)

Timemiser17four days ago

So much eye candy!!!!! Drooling (n/t)

BobbyMike17four days ago

Great pictures! Thank you! Smile (n/t)

DanB15four days ago

Wall to wall functional eye candy. Drooling (n/t)

JFK353114four days ago

Lot's of nice iron there. Thumbs up! Cheers! (n/t)

Robmks16four days ago

Great post Michael, thanks a lot clapping (n/t)

Reto13four days ago

Cool stuff.Thumbs up! Thanks for the post, Michael. (n/t)

Mark C.15four days ago

Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! Thumbs up! Cheers! (n/t)

IF13four days ago

Lots of great cars Thumbs Up (n/t)

wodo18four days ago

Good Morning, Day, Evening!What are you wearing? 19 April 2014, Saturday! What is the watch, today? What are you wearing?What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

IF201five days ago

1000m today Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100039four days ago

Superb! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF25four days ago

Thank you!Loannis (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100015four days ago

Wow, the realTurtle! Fabulous vintage, Shane. (n/t)

RussMurray19four days ago

Yep! The real McCoy. Smile (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100015four days ago

Love the Oris Pointers, wearing the Zodiac on the Hudson (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

solex43five days ago

Good one, Dan and comes out nicely! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF16four days ago

Thank you (n/t)

solex16four days ago

Handsome piece Loannis. Escargot for dinner tonight? Going with a 6306 today.. Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray40five days ago

Very nice watch, Russ! SmileThumbs up!

IF22five days ago

Sweet Oris Loannis. My kids pediatrician also sported one in 2-tone. I'm starting my day with my ana-digi. (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Hector43five days ago

Sports cool watch, Hector! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

My Oris says Hi!Yannis. Cheers! Jpeg Attachments URL

gfbiii5147five days ago

Yes sir! Very very nice! Hope you had a good day, George!SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Thumbs up!Thumbs up!Nice Oris....Bagelsport Today..... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

MCS40five days ago

Cool divers' watch! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Great Oris, Ioannis...Gruen Precision Automatic Watch Movement for me today... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21838five days ago

Afternoon changeout will be my Seiko DX... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21837five days ago

Both are solid and very good choices, in my opinion, Marcel! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF24five days ago

Thank you, Ioannis! (n/t)

RR21819five days ago

Great Oris Thumbs up! This Eco GMT in need of some sun ..... Jpeg Attachments

Robmks40five days ago

Good looking Eco Drive! (n/t)

Timemiser21five days ago

Looks great, Bob and with a very good crown! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Beautiful Oris Ioannis! Pathfinder PAG-40 to start, but I'm sure that will change. Smile Jpeg Attachments URL

Timemiser39five days ago

Very good one, Timothy! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Thank you Ioannis. It's an entertaining watch with its functions. (n/t)

Timemiser22five days ago

Nice one Ioannis! I haven't noticed that one before. It looks both classic and modern, at the same time. Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353141five days ago

Joe, this is a superb vintage chrono , that you have! SmileThumbs up!

IF24five days ago

This particular piece is far from superb, but I love it nonetheless ...

JFK353125five days ago

Nice one, Yannis! Thumbs Up Joe inspired me to wear this Vostok 470 today. >> Jpeg Attachments

Dave M42five days ago

If I tell you I do not like it, Dave, you will already know that it is not true!!!!! LaughingThumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF18five days ago

Love that dial, Dave. Cheers! I wonder if all the 470 cases came with the "Faraday Cage"? (n/t)

JFK353123five days ago

Somewhat related, Joe,I also wonder if the same holds true for the 020 case... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M36five days ago

I had never appreciated he differences in the 020 case before, thanks! Cheers!

JFK353123five days ago

Not sure if you remembered this, (or maybe I'm mis-remembering it) but >>

Dave M22five days ago

I remember it quite well, Dave. I consider a watch's history as one of the things that makes it interesting. Cool

JFK353119four days ago

Micha Help please! I wonder too. Because not all dials in the 470 cases say >> Jpeg Attachments

Dave M37five days ago

Hmm, I never opened mine, but: these case ALWAYS came with a non-date hand wound movement...

Micha22four days ago

Thank you! Michael! (n/t)

Dave M13three days ago

From what I know and have seen, originally they did! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF21five days ago

Ice Watch Vintage Black Big >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto49five days ago

Looks very good , Reto! SmileThumbs up!

IF23five days ago

Thank you! IF. Best of all, thanks to the acrylic case it wears very light (n/t)

Reto18five days ago

Good day all! Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike42five days ago

What a great watch, Michael ! SmileThumbs up!

IF21five days ago

Good day ALL! Dive watch for me for a changeSmile Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100051five days ago

Great watches , these ones, Shane! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF21five days ago

Good day IF! hmt today (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo42five days ago

Good choice, Dodo! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF20five days ago

Thumbs Up GX-56 today smile Jpeg Attachments

Micha51five days ago

Looks really good and reliable, Micha! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF22five days ago

Help me help myself!! Jpeg Attachments

3spatulas130six days ago

Just for completeness sake, and for future reference ...

JFK353125four days ago

Thanks for this hint Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto13three days ago

Welcome to PMWF! I have a mess of o rings. Jpeg Attachments

Dave P22four days ago

Welcome to PMWF! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100016four days ago

Welcome to PMWF! to pmwf!Smile (n/t)

IF21five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! Smile (n/t)

DanB18five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! to the forum. Nothing I can add, sounds like you already got some good advice. (n/t)

Timemiser24five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! If you are going to help yourself, >>

Dave M37six days ago

Re: Welcome to PMWF! If you are going to help yourself, >> Jpeg Attachments

3spatulas42five days ago

Two things >>>

Reto20four days ago

Re: Two things >>>

3spatulas19four days ago

You could search Ebay.com for "O-ring set" or "Gasket set" or check Mark Esslinger's offer >>> Jpeg Attachments URL

Reto17three days ago

What Dave said, plus >>>

Reto30six days ago

Let’s see a show of hands! Jpeg Attachments URL

Timemiser207seven days ago

Here's a few from me (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Hector22four days ago

Nice collection and variety Hector. The Seamaster's skeleton hands are an unmistakable trademark to Omega.

Timemiser20four days ago

Wow - some amazing shots here! I like everything - but have an affinity for properly sized dauphine hands : Jpeg Attachments URL

Nuvolari32four days ago

I like the dauphine style hands as well. Those are some nice examples Michael. Jpeg Attachments URL

Timemiser18four days ago

If the women don't find you hand-some, they should at least find you hand-y. laughing Jpeg Attachments

Chris L39six days ago

Those are all nice Chris! I agree with the top of your list. The Omega 300 is why I love sword hands.

Timemiser25five days ago

Here are some of my favorites. Smile Jpeg Attachments URL

DanB43six days ago

I love the Timex, hands and all. Thumbs Up (n/t)

Zeb24five days ago

Lots of variety there Dan with some really cool designs! Fancy hands on the Timex. (n/t)

Timemiser22five days ago

Re: Let’s see a show of hands! Clapping! (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Ethan_Mack40six days ago

Some lovely examples Ethan! Love that Roamer and the hands make it that much better. (n/t)

Timemiser24five days ago

Re: Let’s see a show of hands! Clapping!

Matison30six days ago

Looking forward to it. (n/t)

Timemiser22five days ago

My faves are on my Park split second pocket chrono and the unsigned, Valjoux run pocket chrono... (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

RR21845six days ago

Cool vintage hands Marcel! I like the scissors on the Park. Laughing (n/t)

Timemiser22five days ago

Thanks! The Park is amazing, not only because it has split second hands...

RR21818five days ago

Lile many aspects, the type of hands can either win you over or just turn you off... Jpeg Attachments

RussMurray36six days ago

I completely agree Russ. I think the Type 1 style is perfect for the military style watch too.

Timemiser23six days ago

I guess I like 'em long and lean Blushing Jpeg Attachments URL

gfbiii5141six days ago

You know I love the swords George! The cathedrals on that Oris are the perfect retro look for that dial. (n/t)

Timemiser23six days ago

Best second hand ever... Jpeg Attachments

Micha50six days ago

Those are both great Micha! Love the delicate look on the Stowa and the airplane is definitely cool. (n/t)

Timemiser23six days ago

Actually a very good idea for a topic and very interesting!!!Cheers!Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

IF45six days ago

Great selection Ioannis! Those Titus hands are stunning! (n/t)

Timemiser24six days ago

Great show Tim. Some really great hands here. I will post just this one >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto47six days ago

Beautiful Reto! Slender Gold Classic! (n/t)

Timemiser25six days ago

These hands are my absolute favorites... Jpeg Attachments URL

mfrmn49six days ago

Cool hands! I see the attraction. Can't have just one! (n/t)

Timemiser23six days ago

Here's a couple or so. Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100049seven days ago

Nice Shane! Big bold designs and full of lume!Laughing (n/t)

Timemiser20six days ago

Nice group. Thumbs up! A couple here ..... Jpeg Attachments

Robmks52seven days ago

I like the hands on the Glycine. Is there a name for that style?

benhemp22five days ago

Yep, that style is called cathedral. (n/t)

Robmks18five days ago

Thumbs Up Awesome photos! smile (n/t)

Zeb25five days ago

Those are great Bob! The Martin Braun hands are a favorite of mine as well. (n/t)

Timemiser24six days ago

My favorite by far, because they work... Jpeg Attachments

Dave M60seven days ago

I agree Dave, not only the hands but with that dial the Marine Master is very close to my perfect dive watch. (n/t)

Timemiser25seven days ago

Oops. (n/t)

Timemiser29seven days ago

Here are a couple Jpeg Attachments

Zeb50seven days ago

Those are all great! I love the rocket too! (n/t)

Timemiser26seven days ago

Sunday the 20th. Good Good Morning, Day, Evening! and What are you wearing? Jpeg Attachments

Larry97four days ago

For me today.... Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike18four days ago

Happy Easter All! Absolutely beautiful day in the south! Jpeg Attachments

Timemiser29four days ago

Nice Seiko, I'm wearing a heavy (new for me) Android right now! (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

James T. Kirk©23four days ago

Happy Easter everyone! I just came home from church services wearing the Movado Jpeg Attachments

Hector21four days ago

Happy Sunday everyone! Seiko Pepsi for washing cars today... Jpeg Attachments

RR21826four days ago

Good Sunday Larry! Smile Thumbs up! Jpeg Attachments

IF23four days ago

My egg from today to the basket, a New Old Stock Citizen Caliber 8200 Day Date >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto21four days ago

Nice catch, looks like a Seiko! (n/t)

wodo18four days ago

Here you go smile (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

Micha19four days ago

So you did a hike? smile (n/t)

wodo16four days ago

Nope, we went swimming instead wink (n/t)

Micha15four days ago

Good Sunday PMWF, Dodane today (n/t) Jpeg Attachments

wodo22four days ago

Good Morning. Mako here. Jpeg Attachments

Kenny L18four days ago

1000m today. Jpeg Attachments

DELAURIAN 100026four days ago

Doesn't matter what day you wear it, I love it. The real Turtle! (n/t)

RussMurray20four days ago

Love the case and hands on that one. Thumbs up! (n/t)

JFK353117four days ago

It's partly cloudy, no rain in the forecast, and warm today- 68F/20C now, going up to about 77F/25C Jpeg Attachments URL

JFK353123four days ago

Off topic post (not watch related)Leather strap Mod.. Smile Jpeg Attachments

wodo104five days ago

Nice job. (n/t)

Dave P16four days ago

I believe you do whatever works best for you.Thumbs up! (n/t)

DELAURIAN 100014four days ago

Good bit wink (n/t)

wodo15four days ago

Nice DIY going there Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto13four days ago

So, you removed some padding from the strap? >>

Dave M23five days ago

I'm re-using the original thread but it's an exhausting

wodo26five days ago

Brave! Turned out well though Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike25five days ago

That's quite an undertaking for a strap. Obviously you have a talent for this. Good job! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Timemiser20five days ago

Finished my work smile Now i wait for a complete dry and Jpeg Attachments

wodo29four days ago

clapping (n/t)

Reto12four days ago

Thumbs up!SmileClapping! (n/t)

IF11four days ago

Very interesting, Dodo! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Laughing Easy quartz (weekends' fun series)!!!LaughingSmile Jpeg Attachments

IF108five days ago

A bright and colorful one Ioannis! Happy Modding!Smile (n/t)

Timemiser24five days ago

Timothy, thank you very much! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF13four days ago

Very interesting and cool, Ioannis. The swap sounds interesting.... (n/t)

RR21818five days ago

Thank you very much, Marcel ! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF17five days ago

Good times, Yannis. Happy Easter. (n/t)

gfbiii5121five days ago

Thank you very much, George! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF17five days ago

It's a happy day, a new watch arrivedMy first indian watch Laughing Jpeg Attachments

wodo133five days ago

Can't go wrong with any hmt, congrats (n/t)

Reto14four days ago

Looks excellent! Congrats! Cheers! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©14four days ago

Very nice! Thanks for sharing! (n/t)

benhemp17five days ago

Nice! Congratulations. Smile (n/t)

DanB17five days ago

Thank you!Guys smile (n/t)

wodo16five days ago

Really nice look too that one! I like the blue! Congrats! (n/t)

Timemiser18five days ago

So I guess not your last. Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

Robmks17five days ago

Beautiful watch, wodo- congrats! (n/t)

RR21814five days ago

What a lovely blue dial. Thumbs Up Enjoy. (n/t)

Dave M18five days ago

Very nice classic watch, Dodo! Enjoy it! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF23five days ago

Another Ωmega Incoming! Jpeg Attachments URL

RR218107five days ago

Another Omega?! Score!! Nice one Marcel! Cool crown too! (n/t)

Timemiser20five days ago

Thanks- the look of it really caught my eye! (n/t)

RR21816five days ago

I like it !!!!!!!!!! Cheers! Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF20five days ago

Thanks Ioannis! (n/t)

RR21818five days ago

Congrats Marcel Thumbs Up (n/t)

wodo22five days ago

Merci, dodo! (n/t)

RR21816five days ago

Cool video of a 7750 tear down and cleaning. smile Video Attachments

Jittery Jim111six days ago

Great video ! Thanks for posting (n/t)

pumpkin200117five days ago

That man knows what he's doing, interresting channel Thumbs Up (n/t)

wodo23five days ago

Really amazing to see! Thats a lot of parts! I have an even greater appreciation for my 7750.

Timemiser21five days ago

Very interesting and informative! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF19five days ago

Thanks, very interesting. Sure a lot of work. Cheers! (n/t)

Robmks19five days ago

There are a lot of parts in those 7750s. I'm amazed that it >>

Dave M32five days ago

Gucci? who makes them?

swissmade1240669five days ago

Welcome to PMWF! to pmwf! Smile

IF22five days ago

Incoming! Lemania... Jpeg Attachments URL

RR21883five days ago

Looks good! Smile Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF21five days ago

Thank you, my friend Smile (n/t)

RR21819five days ago

Incoming! '78 Accutron Safirglas Laughing Jpeg Attachments

Ethan_Mack106six days ago

Yep, you couldn't pass that up. Smile Love the look. Cheers! (n/t)

Robmks18five days ago

Cool design Thumbs Up (n/t)

wodo19five days ago

Great watch, Ethan! SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF24five days ago

Cool case and interesting dial! Thumbs up!Great find! Congrats Ethan! (n/t)

Timemiser20five days ago

Nice score Ethan! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike24six days ago

Rado-esque looks there. Does it have a sapphire crystal? (n/t)

Chris L20six days ago

What an interesting case! The top reminds me of >>

Dave M21six days ago

Very cool!!! Congrats! (n/t)

RR21820six days ago

It's a happy day, a new watch arrived I Pounce on a Mounce! Laughing A vintage Seiko, one I didn't have >>> Cool Image Attachments URL

Thomas97six days ago

Looks to be in great shape to me! I like it! Congrats Thomas! (n/t)

Timemiser19five days ago

Very nice, Thomas! Thumbs Up I have no clue about the model, though. (n/t)

Dave M23six days ago

A great watch , Thomas!!! Cheers! Thumbs up!

IF26six days ago

Thumbs Up Like it, a lot! (n/t)

Jittery Jim23six days ago


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