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MKII - PMWF Special Edition GMT

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AnnouncementSticky PostPMWF switched to "bumping" for most forums. A reply to a thread will move it to the top of the forum (n/t)five days ago

Sticky Sticky Post Updated Central Progress Web Page at MKIIWatches.com >>> URL (6 Posts)

Reto728three months ago

Sticky Update! Sticky Post All watches are reserved now, thank you very much! (1 Posts)

Reto5,530three years ago

Bill will soon post a link to a "News" section on the MKII/PMWF Graywater page >>> URL

Reto33nine days ago

Re: Bill will soon post a link to a "News" section on the MKII/PMWF Graywater page >>>

tcolley6510four days ago

Re: Bill will soon post a link to a "News" section on the MKII/PMWF Graywater page >>> URL

Yao17nine days ago

A few more shots Jpeg Attachments

BobbyMike419three months ago

drooling (n/t)

cmoy33three months ago

Thumbs Up How the heck did you get so lucky?? laughing drooling (n/t)

Jittery Jim66three months ago

Clean living? Wink (n/t)

BobbyMike35three months ago

Thumbs Up nice! The kit box is pretty nice. I often use the box that came with>>

Dave M70three months ago

I can't wait until I get a chance to use it like that Laughing (n/t)

BobbyMike36three months ago

Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF27three months ago

New MKII - PMWF GMT pictures and first impressions.... Picture intensive post Jpeg Attachments URL

BobbyMike2,625four months ago

the post I've been waiting for!

Cleans Up55three months ago

Looks AWESOME! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling (n/t)

cmoy40four months ago

Wow. Looks great! Can't wait for #5. laughing (n/t)

Jittery Jim48four months ago

Fantastic military specimen! Looks great! Glad to see it on your wrist.

Timemiser58four months ago

Congrats! So it finally came to fruitionCrazy! Loco! Is that the "MKII Paradive" case?

Riddim Driven96four months ago

Yes, Adam, it is in a Paradive case >>

Dave M56four months ago

Neat, Thanks Dave! Merry Christmas buddy! (n/t)

Riddim Driven38four months ago

Happyy Christmas to you as well, Adam!bCheers! (n/t)

Dave M50four months ago

Pretty cool. Thanks for this review and pictures Thumbs up! (n/t)

pumpkin200141four months ago

Very, very nice! Envious Cool (n/t)

James T. Kirk©35four months ago

Thx Bobby for the show Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto33four months ago

Impressive , I must say !!! Cheers!Thumbs up!Thumbs up!

IF41four months ago

thats gorgeous! (n/t)

Lawrence Talbot42four months ago

I'm gonna guess that they're all spoken for, right? Sure is a beauty. Thumbs Up (n/t)

Zeb60four months ago

There is a waiting list beyond the initial watches, but if you are interested...

BobbyMike123four months ago

Wonderful watch. Wish I had one...I am crying (n/t)

RR21841four months ago

+1001! (n/t)

James T. Kirk©34four months ago

Drooling Drooling I can't wait! >>

Dave M55four months ago

Well Dave...

BobbyMike59four months ago

Great pics! (n/t)

biglove40four months ago

Bill will personally post an update soon. It will be much clearer coming directly from him. Thank you all for>

Reto98four months ago

Seven weeks and still no post from Bill? (n/t)

Jittery Jim25two months ago

Even longer still now and not a peep? (n/t)

Jittery Jim9two weeks ago

Thumbs Up smile (n/t)

cmoy36four months ago

Total delivery time period for the 50 pieces is estimated to take 12 weeks>>>

Reto92four months ago

Thank you! for the update Reto! smile (n/t)

cmoy27four months ago

+1! Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF30four months ago

POLL: Bracelet and/or rubber >>> Poll

Reto130four months ago

My opinion is this... Smile :

IF55four months ago

I have the vague feeling that you are expecting a too low price Ioannis. Due to the very long >>>

Reto68four months ago

On the contrary, Reto! WinkLaughingCheers!

IF58four months ago

συγνώμη I have to apologize Ioannis for drawing a wrong conclusion - Sygnomi

Reto43four months ago

Reto, thank you! Smile

IF56four months ago

Efcharisto (n/t)

Reto39four months ago

I'm happy either way but my inner poor man says go for the most affordable option.

jeremd67644four months ago

I want bracelet. This way I have the option to use it or not...

cmoy40four months ago

I like options Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike34four months ago

Meaning I voted for the bracelet and strap. (n/t)

BobbyMike33four months ago

My thoughts...

Dave M45four months ago

I think that is exactly what I polled about.

Reto39four months ago

First watch assembled minus the case back >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto375four months ago

Do you know if we can purchase with or without bracelet?

Harsh41four months ago

Let's poll about this, see above (n/t)

Reto42four months ago

SWEET!!!!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling (n/t)

cmoy30four months ago

I am getting of course a lot of mails regarding the pricing >>> Jpeg Attachments URL

Reto143four months ago

Great watch but let us wait for the price! Laughing

IF38four months ago

There will be a one time payment per PayPal. See below (n/t)

Reto38four months ago

Blushing I sure am holding out hope the price will be more in line with Paradive...

jeremd67639four months ago

It's not just the MKII prices. It is the whole supply chain that has raised prices (n/t)

Reto31four months ago

Re: Blushing I sure am holding out hope the price will be more in line with Paradive...

captain-armchair43four months ago

That'd be nice. Do you suppose that the movements were sourced>> URL

Dave M44four months ago

Awesome and worth the wait. Now...

Jittery Jim66four months ago

Re: First watch assembled minus the case back >>>

lwong68four months ago

Wow!Cheers!Thumbs up! (n/t)

IF62four months ago

Woo hoo! Thumbs Up WIS Honeymoon It! Go, Bill, Go! (n/t)

Dave M32four months ago

When a watch looks this good under>>

Dave M66four months ago

Yep WIS Honeymoon !!! (n/t)

BobbyMike36four months ago

Awesome! I love itWIS Honeymoon (n/t)

jeremd67632four months ago

So far so good. Here is a pic of the first assembly. I will start assembly this week while keeping an eye out Jpeg Attachments

Reto163four months ago

Looks AWESOME! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Cool (n/t)

cmoy33four months ago

Smile Thumbs Up I like the inner disk/outer ring effect>>

Dave M40four months ago

Cheers! (n/t)

BobbyMike34four months ago

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF37four months ago

Teaser >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto211five months ago

LOVE the Flightmaster style GMT hand! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling Thanks Reto! smile (n/t)

cmoy79five months ago

Thumbs up!Thumbs up!Smile (n/t)

IF45five months ago

Extending the waiting list for the PMWF/MKII GMT JUBILEE LE>>>

Reto329five months ago

I do not publish the reservation list because I respect your privacy. But please >>>

Reto69five months ago

Of course you can also PM me if you forgot the number of the watch you reserved (n/t)

Reto64five months ago

Re: Of course you can also PM me if you forgot the number of the watch you reserved

lwong60five months ago

Poignant wait, I hear you Lionel >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto129five months ago

SWEET! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up drooling (n/t)

cmoy72five months ago

While I'd still love to see a red or an orange tip to that second hand, it's beautiful. (n/t)

Tim H47five months ago

Brilliant! Thumbs Up I spent 3 minutes with GIMP, and >> Jpeg Attachments

Dave M117five months ago

Re: Brilliant! Thumbs Up I spent 3 minutes with GIMP, and >>

rafael_t53five months ago

Thanks Dave! Thumbs up! (n/t)

BobbyMike42five months ago

Great rendering Thumbs Up Please note that the yellow from the GMT hand will match the yellow on the >>>

Reto60five months ago

Wow! No bad, no bad!!!!! WinkThumbs up! (n/t)

IF60five months ago

Latest news... well the watches did not ship in October ... however there

Reto115five months ago

Sweeeeeeet!!! (n/t)

Jittery Jim39five months ago

Good news! Progress is good. (n/t)

Dave M49five months ago

The watches should ship in October >>>

Reto288seven months ago

Do we know the price tag for these watches? (n/t)

cmoy114six months ago

Not yet, sorry Chris (n/t)

Reto68five months ago

No problem Reto! smile (n/t)

cmoy59five months ago

That's exciting news! Thumbs Up However, "assembled" does not mean "ready." >> URL

Dave M152seven months ago

Thank you! Dave, you are right. I just received a mail from Bill saying that the dials >>>

Reto127seven months ago

Is there a projected price? Possibly a photo? (n/t)

Tim H104six months ago

Would love to hear case diameter also, if at all possible! (n/t)

Harsh87six months ago

I will post all that information as soon as I have it (n/t)

Reto49five months ago

October??? That is (potentially) good news! (n/t)

Jittery Jim92seven months ago

So it's 80+ degrees here, and Summer 2013. Any updates?Smile

Harsh431last year

It's just a pointer what the CASE looks like, NOTHING more >>> Image Attachments

Reto492last year

Will the bracelet be part of the package I am confused! It looks NICE!!!! laughing (n/t)

cmoy80six months ago

Yes, the bracelet will be part of the package (n/t)

Reto40five months ago

YES!!!!! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up laughing (n/t)

cmoy42five months ago

Hands and dial color yellow >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto1,743last year

Re: Hands and dial color yellow >>>

lwong256last year

Looking GOOD! Thumbs Up laughing (n/t)

cmoy257last year

Reto...you made a good call. And I love what I see thus far! (n/t)

Harsh255last year

no second hand? (n/t) (n/t)

tcolley65244last year

Re: no second hand? (n/t)

marinerider178last year

There will be a second hand. This is just a setup picture to show the colors (n/t)

Reto238last year

That will look great! Thumbs Up (n/t)

Dave M256last year

SmileThumbs up! (n/t)

IF182last year

Would love to hear an update or see any pics if ready...

Harsh478last year

I know this has been a very long wait. But Bill said >>>

Reto300last year

Latest update >>>

Reto1,011last year

Cool cant wait! Thumbs up! (n/t)

Ethan_Mack273last year

Cool (n/t)

Tim H242last year

Re: Latest update >>>

lwong403last year

Thanks Reto! Cheers! (n/t)

Need_Omega246last year

Latest update >>>

Reto818last year

Bill - any updates? Would love to hear new news smile (n/t)

Harsh211last year

So any more pics?

rafael_t428last year

I will post any new information as soon as I have it. And also >>>

Reto1,620last year

Reto: Any news on size, price, look? Thanks for the updateWink (n/t)

Harsh299last year

I will post "certified" information as soon as I have it, thanks smile (n/t)

Reto255last year

It's nice to see that he'll be finishing them personally. Thanks for the update Reto! (n/t)

Tim H286last year

Any updates?

Harsh325last year

The watch should be ready in summer 2012 is still the latest status (n/t)

Reto331last year

Bill Yao told me that the watches will be ready in summer >>>

Reto808two years ago

Learning to navigate around here. Is there a picture of this project? (n/t)

speedracer356two years ago

Now that is some exciting news!!! (n/t)

Jittery Jim256two years ago

That is just great Reto Thumbs Up smile >

Bock357two years ago

Do we have any more updates on what it's gonna look like? (n/t)

Tim H347two years ago

I will post pictures as soon as they are available (n/t)

Reto231last year

I'm still excited, even though I can't afford one presently Wink (n/t)

BobbyMike315two years ago

Any updates?

Harsh551two years ago

There are delays but it is definitely coming (n/t)

Reto408two years ago

No word that I know of, and I wouldn't hold my breath smile

Cleans Up418two years ago

Speculations on the pricing Waiting

Tim H985two years ago

I really do not have an answer to that Tim. However >>>

Reto518two years ago

Now I like the sound of that! (n/t)

Cleans Up361two years ago

I think it better be much more lower than that!!!Smile (n/t)

IF388two years ago

just hoping that it stays in pm's territory personally

Cleans Up412two years ago

The dial layout has been selected >>>

Reto2,026two years ago

Re: The dial layout has been selected >>>

ananta93485two years ago

Very excited. Worth waiting knowing it is being done right. (n/t)

Jittery Jim393two years ago

Great ! Any possibility to see a preivew ...>>>

Engi393two years ago

Not yet possible, sorry and thanks for your ongoing interest and patience smile (n/t)

Reto434two years ago

No problem, we'll wait and we are sure the final result will deserve the wait ! Wink (n/t)

Engi398two years ago

Looking forward to seeing them Smile (n/t)

Tim H314two years ago

Can't wait! Laughing (n/t)

cmoy304two years ago

Me neither laughing laughing (n/t)

Reto353two years ago

There is a delay. The watch will be ready in a couple of months. That is >>>

Reto705three years ago

Thanks for the update Reto. Waiting anxiously. (n/t)

Tim H318three years ago

Thank you Tim. It is not that nothing would be going on >>>

Reto292two years ago

Wen just reminded me that it is FEB already. I will post news as soon >>>

Reto919three years ago

Any new updates on these, Reto? (n/t)

Tim H465three years ago

Thank you, Reto, for the update. I'm looking forward to this one for sure. (n/t)

Jittery Jim515three years ago

Just got word from Bill and he tells me that there is a slight delay, several weeks at least (n/t)

Reto483three years ago

Re: Just got word from Bill and he tells me that there is a slight delay, several weeks at least

ASRSPR534three years ago

That's true smile (n/t)

Reto510three years ago

My guess is... Image Attachments Jpeg Attachments URL

danilo4,336three years ago

Re: My guess is... Jpeg Attachments

danilo1,214three years ago

The suspense is killing me! (n/t)

Tim H637three years ago

Re: The suspense is killing me!

danilo507three years ago

Re: The suspense is killing me!

lwong449three years ago

Re: My guess is...

Anonymous User601three years ago

Delay >>>

Reto1,776three years ago

Re: Delay >>>

slooowr6635three years ago

Excellent news! Thumbs up! (n/t)

lwong630three years ago

Koolio Thumbs Up (n/t)

Bock549three years ago

WinkThat works, gives me more time to reload $

jeremd676589three years ago

Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Cool (n/t)

cmoy563three years ago

Lifting the veil a tad higher >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto5,685three years ago

I'm very interested. This style GMT is quite high on my list.

Tim H1,108three years ago

Movement should be ETA 2893 (n/t)

Reto1,027three years ago

Me also -- big thanks, Reto. (n/t)

Randy691three years ago

Holy Stainless Steel, Batman, that's awesome! Count me in! (I better put a budget together... wink) (n/t)

Nuvolari849three years ago

That promises quality.... Thumbs Up (n/t)

Bock510three years ago

The veil is still painfully low Reto. I need mooooooore!!!........Laughing

DJM694three years ago

I will post more info when I have it smile (n/t)

Reto694three years ago

You tease! Smile (n/t)

DJM502three years ago

Looking great so far.Thumbs up! (n/t)

Mark C.741three years ago

Can't wait to see the whole watch Reto! Bill does great work on his watches! (n/t)

Tim672three years ago

Drooling (n/t)

cmoy575three years ago

wow, i've been wondering if this is anywhere near my budget, now even more (n/t)

Cleans Up584three years ago

yeah wondering on the price since MKII stuff is expensive, but his product is very nice smile thanks for making .

BILLANAGNOS(GREEK)819three years ago

Re: Lifting the veil a tad higher >>>

Darkman733three years ago

Thanks Darkman. Not really toying here, I am waiting for news myself (n/t)

Reto553three years ago

Re: Lifting the veil a tad higher >>>

Anonymous User723three years ago

Can I put in a deposit?

Anonymous User627three years ago

Sorry for the late answer >>>

Reto705three years ago

I like it! "Graywater", eh?... (n/t)

Darkman862three years ago

I will tell more about why I chose this name later >>>

Reto754three years ago

Sweet! Count me in Reto (n/t)

coachjdc502three years ago

Thanks John, good to see you Thumbs Up (n/t)

Reto529three years ago

Limited to 50 pieces?

Anonymous User762three years ago

Yes, 50 pieces. Also >>>

Reto748three years ago

Re: Yes, 50 pieces. Also >>>

ASRSPR595three years ago

Re: Yes, 50 pieces. Also >>>

Anonymous User646three years ago

SWEEET. (n/t)

Jittery Jim631three years ago

I am just going to stress...SWEEET!! (n/t)

jinxed503three years ago

The suspense is killing me I am angry!

Anonymous User587three years ago

If you joined the same month the forum started are you guaranteed one? Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off (n/t)

KMJ1966579three years ago

Watch this space for exciting news! >>> Jpeg Attachments

Reto4,860three years ago

cool, why does this make me think zixen dsr500 GMT? wink (n/t)

sharkfin2,250three years ago

Exciting! Pics are a tease... (n/t)

Darkman1,021three years ago

Cool, n/t (n/t)

slooowr6655three years ago

Will it be a poor mans watch or Very Rich Man's Watch!?????????

jeremd6761,022three years ago

Projected pricing is PMW (n/t)

Reto1,214three years ago

Oooo! Can't wait to hear more! (n/t)

johnchoe499three years ago

Oops! Suspens, suspense Smile (n/t)

Jan557three years ago

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Awesome. I am anticipating in excitement smile (n/t)

Bock562three years ago

this is exciting! can't wait to see more!!!!!! Drooling (n/t)

sittinduk523three years ago

SWEET! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! Drooling (n/t)

cmoy642three years ago

oooh... i've been looking for a GMT....Smile (n/t)

kriswilkes21759three years ago

oh the suspense is building. wink (n/t)

sharkfin553three years ago

Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up smile smile smile Is the "circle-R" for Reto? (n/t)

Anonymous User544three years ago

Maybe wink Could also stand for reloje smile (n/t)

Reto581three years ago

Sounds like a great idea! (n/t)

DJM589three years ago

Color me excited.

Jittery Jim574three years ago

I had one almost ready for the 5th anniversary but then >>>

Reto805three years ago

I remember the watch Smile (n/t)

cmoy764three years ago

YES!!! This is fantastically good news!! Thumbs up! Thumbs up! (n/t)

jinxed763three years ago

Re: Watch this space for exciting news! >>> (n/t)

SRHEdD980three years ago


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