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Wrist & Watch Size - Some Conclusions

vandice1,199six years ago

MWPanell - here is the Chase Durer you asked for... >>> Image Attachments

Watchstuff3,095six years ago

Battery change >>> Image Attachments

Chris L2,526six years ago

ANNOUNCING THE PMWFerence CHI08 >>> Image Attachments URL

coachjdc1,226six years ago


Per T895six years ago

Ok...My terrible smudges inside my Alpha- and a fix Image Attachments

chickenlips1,849six years ago

hands change "How-To" Image Attachments

Anjan Shenoy789six years ago

Amphibia Case mod (long)>>

Dave Murphy2,541six years ago

My review of the Debaufre Airforce Orange >>>> Image Attachments URL

Jittery Jim3,172six years ago

Casio Waveceptor WVQ-140 series Image Attachments

Adam in NYC4,798six years ago

/ Christmas Around the World Results

coachjdc829six years ago

Day #1 Nova Scotia and the Boston Christmas Tree >>>>

coachjdc685six years ago

Day #2 The Netherlands & Sinterklaas Avond >>>>

coachjdc847six years ago

Day #3 Costa Rican Portals >>>>

coachjdc787six years ago

Day #4 Switzerland & Schmutzli >>>>

coachjdc699six years ago


coachjdc623six years ago

WooHoo! Now if I can only win second prize too!

Watchstuff708six years ago


Robmks674six years ago

Congrats! Chris Whatcha gonna get!?!

sfnewguy626six years ago

The problem is... >>>

Watchstuff704six years ago

Welcome to the awkward position of third prize winner!!

dada10623six years ago

Ironically, I actually won the 3rd prize once before and was very kind >>>

Watchstuff615six years ago

Lucky dawg!

d4thun625six years ago

And some kids find Santa scary.

Robmks797six years ago

Day #5: Christmas Eve in Spain >>>>

coachjdc697six years ago

Day #6: The Portuguese Christmas Morning Feast >>>>

coachjdc807six years ago

Day #7: La Befana in Italy >>>>

coachjdc672six years ago

Day #8: English Mummerers >>>>

coachjdc990six years ago


coachjdc670six years ago


Robmks671six years ago

Day #9: Dickbauch in Germany >>>>

coachjdc4,067six years ago

Day # 10: Denmark & Nisse >>>>

coachjdc632six years ago

Day #11: Venezuelan Pesebres >>>>

coachjdc1,387six years ago

Day #12: Lucia Day in Sweden >>>>

coachjdc656six years ago


coachjdc633six years ago

Way to go.

Robmks717six years ago

WooHoo Hector is the man!!!!

Watchstuff617six years ago

Congratulations to the winners! And to Coach for all your work >>

Zeb646six years ago

Congratulations to the winners!!!!!

Jammer586six years ago

Congrats to the winners! And a big to Coach and Debaufre.

Jittery Jim604six years ago

Great Contest Coach! & Congrats to the winners!

sfnewguy627six years ago

and Coach, congrats to the winners! Lots of fun!

afkenner667six years ago

Excellent work by Coach, and congrats to the winners!

SJACKAL620six years ago

for making this hobby continuously fun & 2 BIG to John for putting this contest together. I am>>

Hector673six years ago

Thanks to for the gifts and Coach for the cool contest. Congrats to the winners.

chrise2469640six years ago

In response to Greg's posting...here's your chance. An introduction thread. for Gun content! several

Stef G1,114six years ago

Yep, and the gun ain't mine...I'm just posing

Stef G784six years ago

C'mon Guys! Post your introductions....let's get reacquainted! Post away!

Stef G712six years ago

But I need to ask... What countries, religons etc... >>>

Jeff T688six years ago

Up here, that's a prohibited weapon......

Harold Clitheroe665six years ago

No idea....I enjoy shooting guns, myself

greg honeycutt731six years ago

I did not know New York took "environmental regulation" so seriously... Good one

Watchstuff703six years ago

Ha ha That's when we run and yell for help!

Stef G640six years ago


greg honeycutt746six years ago

I know Greg, I agree with you. Anyway, it's high time for another introduction thread

Stef G646six years ago

Wow, no introductions..... please delete this thread due to lack of interest!

Stef G677six years ago

I the thread stays.

Jimmy50788six years ago

The thread stays... Jimmy has spoken!

TakesALickin'659six years ago

That's cos Jimmy is hoping I'll post s photo of my.....ummm......Girlfriend Slightly

Stef G725six years ago

I've nicknamed her shorts the "Beaver Cleaver"

TakesALickin'812six years ago

I was going to say...we must be in the desert, because I think I see a Camel....

dada10683six years ago

Yeah, but...

Jittery Jim774six years ago

She has beautiful eyes.

Zeb689six years ago

What eyes?

sfnewguy684six years ago

Oh - sorry Stef, I did not realize you intended this to be a general intro thread - ok, here goes me...

Watchstuff677six years ago

And congrats on winning the prize

Stef G659six years ago

TakesALickin', aka Jeff, aged @*#%!!, married, 2 kids >

TakesALickin'750six years ago

I am just about to the %^#@%&#$% birthday myself...

Watchstuff703six years ago

Well, the first thing you'll notice is your hips and knees hurt like a #@$&%!! all the %*^#@$! time!

TakesALickin'678six years ago

Actually, the two things I noticed as soon as I turned 40 >>>

Watchstuff751six years ago

Hi, Dave here-->>

Dave Murphy905six years ago

Great Stuff! I love kayaking!

Stef G667six years ago

Hi! I'm Dan, from Madison Heights, Michigan. >>

Zeb716six years ago

Dan....what a great collection!

Stef G787six years ago

Hello...curbry aka Bryan

curbry862six years ago

Bryan! We gotta get to an NYC meet again someday

Stef G647six years ago

Yeah. I have gotten emails regarding meets but been busy. Been doing a lot of work at the house this year.

curbry636six years ago

Maybe in the spring then.

Stef G609six years ago

Central NJ? How close are you to Freehold?

tommyfeds808six years ago

I am only 20 minutes from the Freehold Mall. Email me, maybe we could meet up there get a cup of coffee?

curbry857six years ago

Name's Anjan, Age 26... based in Calif

Anjan Shenoy767six years ago

Anjan You're gonna have me looking for watches now....

Stef G740six years ago

totally bud... >>

Anjan Shenoy687six years ago

I'd definitely buy one. Maybe they'll turn up in the wholesale district of Manhattan.

Stef G762six years ago


Rodrigo699six years ago

Hello all, Adam from NY here. s >>>

afkenner736six years ago

Hey Adam, I moved from Westchester. I still spend a lot of my time there though.

Stef G653six years ago

Hi, I'm John. Been here since Dec. '02

coachjdc683six years ago

Cool post Coach...but no Opie?

Stef G854six years ago

DOH! Fixed that

coachjdc771six years ago

Larry S here.

Larry S699six years ago

Rodrigo here from Southern Cal..

Rodrigo660six years ago

he is much *softer* than he looks

Anjan Shenoy699six years ago

old skool here, with a little introduction:

old skool758six years ago

awesome... ur grannys doing great now

Anjan Shenoy749six years ago

I thought for sure you would include a picture of your Halloween costume...

dada10638six years ago

I forgot! Here it is:

old skool643six years ago

Is it me or?

dada10754six years ago

My introduction:

dada10640six years ago

old skool672six years ago

Curlyf16 - Rick, 40 something, married, 5yr old son

curlyf16748six years ago

Post more, lurk less! Great shots, thanks!

Watchstuff744six years ago

great shots! nice watch

Anjan Shenoy608six years ago

Hi, I'm Micha...

Micha619six years ago

Hi, I'm Dave. I live near Seattle, WA, and>>

Jammer686six years ago

Hi, I'm Jake B, and I've been a regular poster here...

Jakub Ostrowski700six years ago

A good Intro to Jake >>

Mark Kershaw675six years ago

, Mr. K!

Jakub Ostrowski658six years ago

Nice hat BTW, how is the career change going?

Watchstuff743six years ago

Things are great, sir!

Jakub Ostrowski855six years ago

Glad to hear it!

Watchstuff700six years ago

Dont want to make this Salty but This would suit you

Mark Kershaw665six years ago

Ooohhhh..Would it EVER!!!

Jakub Ostrowski618six years ago

Hi all! My name is Ching (last name) Yee Sing (given name) >>>

Ching1,107six years ago

Here are more recent pictures of the Ching family. >>>

Ching876six years ago

Awesome, Yee Sing!.. Nice family + great watches = Happy Ching

Jakub Ostrowski631six years ago

Harryhausen here>>>

Harryhausen791six years ago

No watches?!

Jakub Ostrowski803six years ago

Whoops sorry, here is a link>>

Harryhausen730six years ago

I'm Ed Brandwein

Ed Brandwein705six years ago

steve P. (ponycarp51) >>

ponycarp51706six years ago

all those s that posted their introductions. ....more.....

Stef G704six years ago

Well timed thread! Hi, I'm Andrej

Dre649six years ago

Andrej - whether you know it or not >>

sfnewguy654six years ago

Watches and homebrew! Good combo! >>>>

Jittery Jim940six years ago

Re: Watches and homebrew! Good combo! >>>>

Dre757six years ago

Hello, My name is Watchrebel and I have a problem....

Watchrebel856six years ago

Re: Hello, My name is Watchrebel and I have a problem....

Watchrebel645six years ago

More fun stuff...

Watchrebel672six years ago

A little DKNY ditty that I'm fond of....

Watchrebel713six years ago

Sorry for the bad pic, here's a better pic of a different watch...

Watchrebel615six years ago

Last one I swear....My favorite Zilla pic...

Watchrebel809six years ago

Dude . U don't look that rebellious

Anjan Shenoy633six years ago

I'm sneaky!!

Watchrebel773six years ago

Anjan Shenoy627six years ago

sfnewguy here aka Joon

sfnewguy703six years ago

Hey did u get aything after the

Anjan Shenoy765six years ago

Yes - one of the fire sale

sfnewguy703six years ago

Jittery Jim here, gang, also known as....

Jittery Jim727six years ago

aww yeah.... u r the omega Man

Anjan Shenoy930six years ago

Funny, your second pondering wrist shot shows >>

greg honeycutt775six years ago

I'm bibletoter....

bibletoter677six years ago

ha ha... howz the Marina doing?

Anjan Shenoy647six years ago

Ezra In L.A. Here

Ezra633six years ago

hey >>

Anjan Shenoy728six years ago

Dave P from Northern California....

Dave P873six years ago

Cool pics Dave!

sfnewguy660six years ago

Haven't heard anything. I'm in.

Dave P679six years ago

Cute kids nice watches too

Rodrigo841six years ago

Thanks Rodrigo

Dave P788six years ago

Congrats on the marathon - quite an accomplishment! >

TakesALickin'762six years ago

Thanks Jeff

Dave P737six years ago

Hello, eh! Chris from Winnipeg here.

chrise2469816six years ago

whats the motor on that... that thing?

Anjan Shenoy858six years ago

Thats a 98 Honda Valkyrie (F6) with a flat 6 and 1520cc's.

chrise24691,121six years ago

Hi, I am Jan

Jan689six years ago

The 7750

Jan715six years ago

Nice! Very much of an Portugese sort of look!

TakesALickin'696six years ago

Yes, it is the same version of the 7750

Jan733six years ago

Greetings! The name's Russ and I exist in Calgary. I say exist because Cowtown is far away from the ocean, where I like

Russell A Murray746six years ago

Hi, Jan - hat's off to your watchmaking work! Very impressive!

TakesALickin'745six years ago

Re: In response to Greg's posting...here's your chance. An introduction thread. for Gun content! several

SJACKAL719six years ago

Better late than never. . .I'm Jeff from Lexington

JeffW631six years ago

Kurt from Cincinnati

kurtiss stickler601six years ago

Kurt - check your g mail

marcayork899six years ago

"I may need to have a talk with the milkman..." >

TakesALickin'664six years ago

Dont forget plenty of pictures

Mark Kershaw788six years ago

Nice intro

TMK662six years ago

Danbyers687six years ago


Stef G750six years ago

Friend - as a former lurker you know the drill - PICS!!!!!!!!

Watchstuff648six years ago

Bock558six years ago

Hello. I'm Larry and I've been here about 5 yrs.

Larry675six years ago

BTW that pic is me and my better hald last June turing the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Larry760six years ago

Hi Larry! Any more pics of St. Petersburg?

TakesALickin'732six years ago

Check the escapement in a few minutes.

Larry752six years ago

Very Cool! I was there on New Years 1994. Beautiful city!

Stef G649six years ago

What was the weather like then?

Larry726six years ago

It was about -5 (centigrade) in the day, not bad at all ( I was living in Sweden then). The canals were frozen.

Stef G1,069six years ago

St. Petes is a fantastic city.

Larry686six years ago

Mike D here and I guess I've been around for about 5 years...

Mike D802six years ago

Doh! This was meant to be under Stef G's post!

Mike D702six years ago

OK I call ...

gaucho885six years ago

Great YouTube clip with the accordion and violin!

TakesALickin'700six years ago

Yup like JeffW said,better late than never My name is Eric,but they also call me Bock

Bock733six years ago

- You have to post a pic of your Datsun!

Watchstuff774six years ago

The Z is stored at the moment,and dirty but I'll

Bock830six years ago

Made a quick scan and >>

Bock662six years ago

!!!! and I think it looks pretty fierce without the bumpers on the front end >>>

Watchstuff850six years ago

Thank U too And >>

Bock627six years ago

Man...I would hate to think how much it cost to ship that package...I wonder if the tracking numbers were accurate?

Watchstuff762six years ago

Bock646six years ago

WTG! that's a nice ride

Rodrigo760six years ago

Thanks mate!

Bock757six years ago

I'm Freddy Rick......

FreddyRick762six years ago

Just put your left hand where your right hand is and use your right to steady the camera.

old skool730six years ago

I have to take Pics the same way too.....

Stef G926six years ago

The wanderer returns... Mike in the UK here >>>

v_roomy732six years ago

Great to hear from you Mike - and don't forget the ultimate guy gadget, that Mustang in the garage!

Watchstuff704six years ago

Ha ha Thanks Chris... you know, I never did sell 'er Hope you're well, sir

v_roomy720six years ago

Indeed Mike - took this week off from work so I am enjoying the time off!

Watchstuff650six years ago

Hi Mike - good to see you again! Sounds like you're ripe for consolidation >

TakesALickin'706six years ago

Hey Jeff, likewise my friend Yep, the collection needs some work >>>

v_roomy662six years ago

Nice to see you again Mike

Bock643six years ago

Thanks Eric, you too!

v_roomy751six years ago

We remember you vividly 50 isn't too many - but hey, you still have my address if you're serious about downsizing

Bjorn Keizers685six years ago

Thanks Bjorn

v_roomy836six years ago

Fantastic pic there, Mike!

Stef G940six years ago

Many thanks, Stef It was surprisingly difficult to >>>

v_roomy690six years ago

Nice 's is that the 1 watt or 3 watt Nuwai?

BenS786six years ago

Many thanks, Ben That's the 3 watt "TM-303X" model >>>

v_roomy656six years ago

They are great lights I have three different models from Nuwai

BenS650six years ago

Happy New year Mike!

sfnewguy756six years ago

Chris L is the name, WISin' is the game.

Chris L4,449six years ago

A Red Jeep ollllllo is practically a requirement here

Stef G626six years ago

Maybe one day you should make a video of your yoyo playing and show us!

SJACKAL726six years ago

Re: Chris L is the name, WISin' is the game.

chickenlips667six years ago

Wow, I should reinstall the bearing in the Ninja and use it again.

Chris L734six years ago

Great post, Matt!

Stef G826six years ago

Always love some Gun content Stef

shane delaurian 1000730six years ago

Stef G644six years ago

Me likey!!

Jeff T602six years ago


Paul December635six years ago

I'm sorry, Paul >

TakesALickin'685six years ago

Paul December817six years ago

Don't shoot the Hippies, Paul! No...wait..... who needs hippies!?

Stef G750six years ago

Those were some days Paul.

Larry694six years ago

Paul December734six years ago

Great post is right. I found out more about you in this post then at the PMWFerence in NYC..

curbry671six years ago

And the WINNER is.............

coachjdc702six years ago


coachjdc824six years ago

And the winners are....

coachjdc570six years ago

Watch Box Psychology with Dr. Bjorn Freud >> Image Attachments

Bjorn Keizers1,058six years ago

For the infamous MOVADO (it is long, but has pictures!) Image Attachments URL

Watchstuff972six years ago

Very nice! I just changed the battery on my DW-9000...

Tom P719six years ago

The sad saga of my Seiko 7002-7009 finally comes to an end (very long, but definitely worth your time) >>

Paperboy Part Deux2,847six years ago

All i can say is "DANG!", I knew you were having somes issues getting the watch back >>

Jerry Russell547six years ago

Thanks for sharing your experience

TimF507six years ago

Ugh...not good. Sometimes one man shops seem to

John S.557six years ago

one of the reasons i stay away from vintages...

Anjan Shenoy492six years ago

Sorry about your experience, Colby......

paulc489six years ago

Hi Paul! I think I understand what you're saying, yet at the same time >>

Jerry Russell460six years ago

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

Jittery Jim495six years ago

My experrience is similar to your's PB2, just down right frustrating

Rodrigo552six years ago

I have a Seiko chrono I've been considering sending Ken's direction >

TakesALickin'644six years ago

I've sent off several watches to our community's famous modders and waited considerably longer for my watch to return..>

Stef G482six years ago

Sorry to hear about the frustration Colby ......

Evan590six years ago

Having been thru similar experiences with other persons, I can understand how you feel.

SJACKAL487six years ago

WISful thinking on your part - Sorry it didn't work out

Riddim Driven605six years ago

Ken is a talented watchmaker and a good guy......

Jimmy50546six years ago

Yep. I do the same. Send it out and forget about it until it arrives. . .

Kelly M. Rayburn549six years ago

Sounds like a frustrating experience...

Mike Hiteshew498six years ago

Indeed. I don't think Ken is a bad guy, but its just that he committed himself to the deadlines he can't meet.

SJACKAL478six years ago

I agree. If the work is going to take 3 months then great, let me know up front >>

Jerry Russell474six years ago

That is unfortunate indeed. It sounds like the attention/service you require is not how Ken does business. That is >>

old skool509six years ago

Saturday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part VIII >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind690six years ago

Friday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part VII >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind490six years ago

Thursday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part VI >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind699six years ago

Wednesday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part V >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind554six years ago

Tuesday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part IV >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind768six years ago

Re: Tuesday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part IV

ipoppa33546six years ago

Monday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part III >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind743six years ago

Sunday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part II >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind738six years ago

Saturday - "Lowe's" Aluminum Watch Valise Mod, Part I >>> Image Attachments URL

John Lind486six years ago

A short vintage watch story ...

polishsumgai407six years ago

I blame it on the pictures, mostly >

TakesALickin'389six years ago

Original and hommage ... >>

Matt V.618six years ago

Original: Fortis Flieger... >>

Matt V.427six years ago

Hommage: Poljot Flieger... >>

Matt V.605six years ago

Original: Rolex Submariner

Bas393six years ago

Hommage: Bulova "Sub"

Bas431six years ago

Hommage: Eterna ... >>

Matt V.523six years ago

Hommage: Omega ... >>

Matt V.479six years ago

Hommage: Heuer ... >>

Matt V.384six years ago

Hommage: Seiko ... >>

Matt V.398six years ago

Hommages: Sandoz (Singapore) & Marcello C Nettuno3

Jittery Jim377six years ago

Hommage: Casio ... >>

Matt V.431six years ago

Hommage: O&W ... >>

Matt V.422six years ago

Hommage: Sandoz ... >>

Matt V.415six years ago

Hommage Orient

Dennis Carrera414six years ago

Homage: Invicta 8926

Jerry Russell490six years ago

Original: Overseas

Wen334six years ago


Wen381six years ago

Original: Hamilton Deck watch... >>

Matt V.595six years ago

Hommage: EOT model 22 ... >>

Matt V.563six years ago

oooooh. Tell me more...

old skool309six years ago

Here you go >>>

Bas278six years ago


dodo343six years ago

Original: Sinn Finanzplatzwecker

Bas398six years ago

Hommage: Poljot Traveller Alarm

Bas1,047six years ago

Original '83

Adam in NYC320six years ago

Current version

Adam in NYC320six years ago

Original: Breitling Premier... >>

Matt V.438six years ago

Hommage: Poljot Premier ... >>

Matt V.474six years ago

Original: IWC Flieger Chronograph

Bas352six years ago

Hommage: Damasko DC 56 Flieger Chronograph

Bas1,519six years ago

Original EXP2 with Homage >>>

Paul December410six years ago

Homage: Date-Master GMT

John Lind617six years ago

Original: Omega Speedmaster ... >>

Matt V.328six years ago

Hommage: TAG Heuer ... >>

Matt V.528six years ago

Hommage: Citizen 1/100 chronograph

Bas357six years ago

Hommage: Rolex ... >>

Matt V.395six years ago

Is it too early to ask for this thread to be archived.

d4thun340six years ago

Original: Radiomir Base ... >>

Matt V.379six years ago

Hommage: Precista ... >>

Matt V.305six years ago

Original: Rolex Datejust... >>

Matt V.325six years ago

Hommage: Seiko ... >>

Matt V.267six years ago

Hommage: Bulova

Bas368six years ago

Original: Breitling Navitimer Montbrillant... >>

Matt V.444six years ago

Hommage: Poljot ... >>

Matt V.373six years ago

Hommage: Blue Angels

Kelly M. Rayburn379six years ago

Another Poljot Blue Angels

roloya568six years ago

Original: Omega SM300 ... >>

Matt V.449six years ago

Hommage: Precista ... >>

Matt V.341six years ago

Hommage. The "Joker"

Kelly M. Rayburn346six years ago

Original: Benrus... >>

Matt V.318six years ago

Hommage: MMT ... >>

Matt V.363six years ago

Original: Blancpain... >>

Matt V.330six years ago

Hommage: Precista ... >>

Matt V.359six years ago

Matt, that Precista shot, that is actually a BP Fifty Fathoms

Tim363six years ago

Here's a good FF homage. Stingray

Tim569six years ago

Original: IWC ... >>

Matt V.304six years ago

Hommage: Precista ... >>

Matt V.336six years ago

Hommage: Quad10 ... >>

Matt V.463six years ago

Original: Panerai ... >>

Matt V.523six years ago

Hommage: Ritmo Mvndo ... >>

Matt V.449six years ago

Homage: and

Jerry Russell285six years ago


Jerry Russell299six years ago


Jerry Russell269six years ago

should have said "under $75 homage"

Jerry Russell322six years ago

Homage: under $50

Jerry Russell345six years ago

Original: Audemars... >>

Matt V.355six years ago

Hommage: Hublot ... >>

Matt V.972six years ago

Paul December381six years ago

Original: Cockpit Clock ... >>

Matt V.303six years ago

Hommage: Sinn ... >>

Matt V.420six years ago

Hommage: B&R ... >>

Matt V.341six years ago


Paulo434six years ago


Paulo370six years ago

Hey, they copied Seiko

Adam in NYC385six years ago

Just to make a point that this isn't all about copying

Paulo425six years ago

Paulo415six years ago


Paulo295six years ago

We need a whole separate section for and

Matt V.354six years ago

And a forum for !

Paulo329six years ago

Original: Cartier... >>

Matt V.276six years ago

Hommage: Rolex ... >>

Matt V.383six years ago

Hommage: Chopard ( Alert)

Bas369six years ago

Original: Certina... >>

Matt V.340six years ago

Hommage:Tissot ... >>

Matt V.398six years ago

Original Sinn 656

cb400bill601six years ago

Re: Homage Pulsar PXH221

cb400bill426six years ago


Paulo300six years ago


Paulo367six years ago

Original: Breitling Aerospace

Paperboy Part Deux607six years ago

Homage: Orient Ana-Digi

Paperboy Part Deux1,692six years ago

Hommage : Certina DS-Pro

Bas1,094six years ago

Original: President (in yellow gold)

John Lind469six years ago

Homage: Super Seville (in Stainless Steel)

John Lind402six years ago

Orient homage.

Ching436six years ago

Original: Platinum Yacht-Master

John Lind386six years ago

Homage: Stainless Steel Yacht-Master

John Lind1,986six years ago

Original: Eterna >>

Matt V.371six years ago

Hommage: Orsa Sea Angler >>

Matt V.411six years ago

Good thing this thread wasn't archived yet

Bas304six years ago

Wink wink, nudge nudge ...

Matt V.433six years ago

That orange Orsa is cool! But are they hard to find?

Nomad1600334six years ago

Original ... >>

Matt V.375six years ago

Hommage: Graham ... >>

Matt V.372six years ago

Jittery Jim302six years ago

Jammer271six years ago

Rodrigo286six years ago

Good one.

Robmks393six years ago

Matt V.268six years ago

Holy smoke!

Bock403six years ago

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!

Kay R.641six years ago

Stop right there, this is getting far too silly >>>

The Colonel359six years ago

Slow so, Post your pic! - If you are curious what I look like, click here >>>

Mike Lipphardt756seven years ago

Here you go

Micha297seven years ago

Here's a nicer pic

Micha359seven years ago

Went quick, didn"t it? Here's a shot of my wife and me at our 25th anniversary >>>

Mike Lipphardt270seven years ago

sure did - we're on our way to our 25th too

Micha233seven years ago

We just celebrated our 25th too >>

Jerry Russell456seven years ago

25? Wow! Andrea and I had our 16th this past Friday!

Matt V.358seven years ago


Jerry Russell265seven years ago

Matt V.306seven years ago

That is a great accomplishment indeed! We will be 15 this fall...I thought that was pretty good!

Watchstuff288seven years ago

Thanks! And now I know that your "tired old eyes" >>

Jerry Russell305seven years ago

You could always get different hands as well, i.e. black or blue outline, etc... It is a tough one to put down!

Watchstuff299seven years ago

Yeah, I'm thinking about talking to the Citizen repair guy here in Dallas>>

Jerry Russell304seven years ago

Those would work very well....

Watchstuff386seven years ago

Amy & I celebrated our 25th February 27!

Chris King264seven years ago

Congratulations! Our was the 13th of Feb.

Jerry Russell279seven years ago

Aren't you taking "self portrait" a little too literal there?

Matt V.433seven years ago

from Lisbon!

Paulo255seven years ago

Looks like a great group!

Mike Lipphardt314seven years ago

Am I turning ? I thought you had a beard? Nice shot

Micha317seven years ago

Nope, you're not , at least for this >>>

Paulo289seven years ago

Aaaah, I remembered this pic

Micha229seven years ago

I remember that too!

Matt V.400seven years ago

Where's the one with the photoshopped hair? That was hilarious..

Watchstuff236seven years ago

Great picture!

Jerry Russell316seven years ago

Look at them!

Matt V.251seven years ago

Great team Paulo!

Watchstuff299seven years ago

Like I always say... any chance to post this

Jeffc320seven years ago

your ride looks a little more scenic than my >>>

Jerry Russell350seven years ago


Jeffc333seven years ago

Great view from up there Jeff!

Watchstuff261seven years ago

Impressive ride!! What's the elevation of Mt. Ventoux?

Ed C367seven years ago

Since I'm usually behind the lens >>>

John Lind406seven years ago

Me, minus thirty years or so >>>

TakesALickin'348seven years ago

Ah yes... '77 was a good year. I graduated from HS and moved out on my own>>

Jerry Russell313seven years ago


Rodrigo351seven years ago

Jimmy50254seven years ago


Jerry Russell325seven years ago

the whole gang..

Rodrigo329seven years ago

It is clear that you, like many of us, were lucky to marry well above yourself!

Watchstuff367seven years ago

I couldn't agree more

Rodrigo310seven years ago

i thought u also had a bull dog to keep me away from ur

Anjan Shenoy322seven years ago

He's the one taking the

Rodrigo267seven years ago

thats one scary dog.. he can click s

Anjan Shenoy344seven years ago

Nice Pic Mike! This one's in Colorado>>

Jerry Russell298seven years ago

I love Colorado Idaho Springs August 2002 >>>>

TMK255seven years ago

Busted link? I used to stay in Idaho Springs as a teenager when skiing Winter Park.

Jerry Russell345seven years ago

Should work now Just my ugly mug

TMK305seven years ago

Nice! Not your typical skiing outfit though

Jerry Russell312seven years ago

Here is my pic taken in 2004, on a Manhattan boat tour.

Wen354seven years ago

Nice pic, Mike!

Matt V.322seven years ago

Me and the kids ...

Matt V.233seven years ago

Your eldest looks THRILLED to be there

coachjdc432seven years ago

Don't all teenage girls show that attitude in their faces?

Matt V.379seven years ago

Me & my Godson Stephon

coachjdc320seven years ago

Matt V.311seven years ago

Don't You All Look Very Nice

Riddim Driven268seven years ago


Riddim Driven227seven years ago

Me and the crew from February this year....

Watchstuff407seven years ago

Great shot! Everyone looks happy.

Jerry Russell249seven years ago

Starting a cruise to the Caribbean - happy indeed!

Watchstuff256seven years ago

Absolute fun

Rodrigo244seven years ago

Yes, it was a great time...the problem is everybody wants to do it again!

Watchstuff239seven years ago

There goes the watch budget .

Rodrigo406seven years ago

Watchstuff378seven years ago

Nice family Mike

Tony Duronio343seven years ago

My wife and I last August.

cb400bill263seven years ago

Watchstuff314seven years ago

I don't see one from Chris Moy...here is one that explains why he was single so long...

Watchstuff351seven years ago


Jerry Russell264seven years ago

To clarify - I did not make this, just reporting it for the group....

Watchstuff281seven years ago

Where has Chris been anyway???

Tony Duronio337seven years ago

He's on "Covert Operations" We could tell you more, but then we'd have to kill you.

OldHippie1968250seven years ago

No pics of me, but here's one of daughter. She's cuter anyway ....

Warden294seven years ago

She is a cutie!

Mike Lipphardt273seven years ago

Warden385seven years ago

Good call!

Watchstuff408seven years ago

Fiddlin' around on the roof>>>

Ed C225seven years ago

Sweet setup!

Mike Lipphardt401seven years ago

Thanks, Mike!

Ed C306seven years ago

Any shots to post here?

Watchstuff301seven years ago

Here's one...

Ed C235seven years ago

And one more...

Ed C296seven years ago

Those are outstanding Ed... Wow!

Watchstuff303seven years ago


Ed C432seven years ago


Jeffc252seven years ago

Thanks, Jeff!

Ed C314seven years ago

that stuff is HUGE

Anjan Shenoy277seven years ago

It sure felt like it, luggin it all up the stairs at 4 a.m. !!

Ed C400seven years ago

That "clears" you email nick Ed!

Paulo299seven years ago

My Son and I on an island somewhere?

Vic Seabold317seven years ago

That's the way to relax!

Watchstuff287seven years ago

Me and my girl>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Tony Duronio253seven years ago

Another of us ugly mugs that got the girl...

Watchstuff208seven years ago

Me and the chitlins... Sea World San Diego...

Allmendinger279seven years ago


Watchstuff307seven years ago

Me, My wife and Coach Dale Brown

PatrickE296seven years ago

awesome.. i am currently in Baton Rougue, LA

Anjan Shenoy321seven years ago

Now THAT would have been a weird meeting!

Watchstuff420seven years ago

Me, ice tea, talk radio and a watch magazine.

jtcastillo378seven years ago

Nice effect Jason!

Watchstuff287seven years ago

me and the guy who wears my watches..

Anjan Shenoy267seven years ago

Cool shades! (yours too, of course...)

Watchstuff284seven years ago

how did u not notice my Shorts.... viva la california...

Anjan Shenoy316seven years ago

Watchstuff305seven years ago

Paulo205seven years ago

Hi Mike! My most recent one with the kids, from Easter

Tim268seven years ago

That's a fun handful Tim!

Watchstuff264seven years ago

my wife and myself in Vegas in Feb.

Bill J.261seven years ago

Well you still have your shirts - so the trip must have been a success! !!

Watchstuff270seven years ago

Here's me being lazy with my cat.....

OldHippie1968241seven years ago

Me too, and being lazy can be such a fatiguing activity!

Paulo316seven years ago

A little late to the game, but

JeffW365seven years ago

Guess. Hint: I'm the one who looks least obviously crazy

Brian Uziel327seven years ago

Man, that's a TOUGH call

TMK425seven years ago

Heres the Ching family. >>>

Ching215seven years ago

Heres the Ching family. >>>

Ching334seven years ago

Great picture!

Jerry Russell238seven years ago

Re: Heres the Ching family. >>>

dodo340seven years ago

Me in a suit, of all things. Sheesh.

lee miller316seven years ago

Nice look Lee. I'll have to wear one tomorrow. Maybe I can do the sportcoat thing. . .

Kelly M. Rayburn283seven years ago

can we archive this post... its real cool

Anjan Shenoy287seven years ago

Getting the hell out of the office>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Toy-Gun275seven years ago

And your watch is..

dodo279seven years ago

Ok but you not allowed to Laugh

Mark Kershaw319seven years ago

Kool Shot. A Mod on a Rocker's Bike >>>

Alias7312seven years ago

Nice VTX, in the fast black. Your running a little low on pistons

chrise2469259seven years ago

Thats nice but can i offer you a Taxi ?

Mark Kershaw250seven years ago

DROOL !Rolling on the floor laughing my a.. off Do they charge by speed or by distance?

chrise2469223seven years ago

Well they do both but its your money back if you can get there quicker

Mark Kershaw275seven years ago

You need this one to time how fast they go

Mark Kershaw336seven years ago

when they said get a riding suit>>>>

TMK318seven years ago

Did you know I have about 250 of my watches -- but only one of myself? >

Bjorn Keizers359seven years ago

That picture is acually what made me get an Zilla

Mark Kershaw244seven years ago

I should update it though; with me wearing the Omega you might actually see some teeth

Bjorn Keizers368seven years ago

Re: Slow so, Post your pic! - If you are curious what I look like, click here >>>

Peter Zorich327seven years ago

The two sides of Ted>>>>

TMK320seven years ago

Ted, you are kind-of like a >>>

Paul December309seven years ago

Of course the "Suit Ted" is 60 lbs lighter...just a kinder gentler me

TMK259seven years ago

I vote for Ted....Judge Ted, fair and balance on the bench.

Douglas McDonnell302seven years ago

Here's a recent one >>>>>

Jittery Jim419seven years ago

Here's my mug from a WIS meet last year.

Eric O330seven years ago


dodo265seven years ago

There goes me, but for the Grace of God....

kevinj232seven years ago

Here I am Reading (Not Buying ) WatchTime Magazine

Paul December335seven years ago

So engrossed you didn't even notice the guy stealing your wallet...huh, Chicagoboy?

TMK349seven years ago

Paul December203seven years ago

Awww... look at the watch you're drooling over too!

mdmchann284seven years ago

Paul December248seven years ago

Oh man,Mike,you are really InDoxinated!

Bock298seven years ago


Paperboy Part Deux326seven years ago


Paul December488seven years ago

Pictorial on how to change a plexiglass crystal with a crystal lift Image Attachments

Micha1,167seven years ago

Interviews Jeffc s Image Attachments URL

Adam in NYC3,264seven years ago

My thoughts on 5 years of watch collecting >>> (LONG and many pictures) Image Attachments

Bas9,482seven years ago

GMT's are mentioned here fairly frequently - little known is how to use one as a compass >>>

John Lind579seven years ago


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