Chicago, July 25/26 2008

I have collected the pictures and texts from anjizkit (Anjan), Chris L, Hector, MCV (Marc), noah1591, P12 (Paul), TAL (Jeff) on this page.

You will find the pictures from Anjan, Chris, Hector and Paul below

Pictures from Jittery Jim and more PMWFers are at this PMWF Gallery
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Thank you Sittinduk for a stunning T-Shirt design!


Jeff/TAL summarized the event in words:

I'm not going to post pics because at this point my amateurish shots wouldn't add much to the record. There are a LOT of great shots already up, and more to come, I'm sure.

But I would like to thank all our sponsors this year - Mark II - Bill Yao, Debaufre, Noah Fuller, Red12 Straps (OldSkool), ModenaWatch - as well as people who stepped up and donated prizes, like Kelly Rayburn, Bill Agnagnos, Sittinduk and many others.

A special thanks goes out to Paul Gruodis, who did a brilliant job of engineering the events for the weekend. Not only was everything fun to do, but it was all easy to find and one place always seemed relatively close to the next place.

I'd also like to thank Jittery Jim (who, ironically, is on decaf now Laughing out loud!), who helped me considerably with planning, and was a capable navigator, keeping me from making several boneheaded moves that probably would have landed us in Iowa. He's also a great guy to hoist a brewskie with, making the weekend a little less stressful overall. Smiley

And to everyone who stepped up to help guide us out-of-towners through the streets of Chicago - like Marc Vernon, Rima, and Ray - thank you! You guys demonstrate why Midwesterners have a reputation for friendliness. Smiley Smiley

All in all, I thought the weekend was one heckuva great time. The only people that matter are here on PMWF related post! Cheers!


Marc aka MCV also reviewed the event:

Okay, after 2-1/2 years on this excellent forum, I survived my first PMWF related post conference, PMWFerence Chicago 2008 A good time was had by all and it was great meeting friends, both old and new.

Thanks to all:

Paul - for his organizational efforts on all aspects of the event

Jeff - for all his hard work and for having the courage to talk to the salespeople and try on super expensive watches!

Jim - for all his hard work and for being another enthusiastic organizer, although I’m still sore at him for winning ‘the watch’

Bill - for his enthusiasm and being the only guy I know who can wear a HUGE watch and make it look ‘normal’ Smiley

Dustin - for participating and having some nice pieces to show

Anjin - for being the first person from the conference that I met Friday afternoon when I spotted his awesome BREITLING

Zack and Kate - for participating and showing some cool straps

Rema - for delurking and having so much enthusiasm for expanding her collection

Chris - for taking great pics and getting to see the ‘mystery watch’ in person

Tom - for being a goofball, nice head tatoo, DUDE!

Noah - for his enthusiasm for our group and for his most ambitious watch plans – good luck with all that! They look great!

John - for his class and great commentary throughout the weekend

Hector - for showing up for the dinner and finally being able to see my ORIS

Larry - for handling the pizza reservations for our hungry group and for sporting a nifty SEIKO

Ray - for being low key and great guy to talk to

Gus - for delurking and showing some great pieces and for having an interesting life story to tell (you meet the coolest people at these meets!)

And Jasmine - for being a very classy person and such a good sport despite the unfortunate incident. It was a pleasure having you be part of our group!



Pictures from the CHI08 PMWFerence

Anjan's impressions

Day 1 was mostly focused on the boat tour and the nice pizza dinner. I did have my camera so was easy for me to take pics

A group snapshot on the boat

Some nice buildings from the boat tour in Chicago

Mr. Admin (Jittery Jim) on duty

The famous Sears Tower

Dinner on Day 1 - Deep Dish Pizza!

Day 2 we went about walking on a watch shop tour. It was fun got to see a lot of VRM! and some darn good security too Eek! I am confused!

Walk towards the watch shops

John Hancock Tower

watch shop #1 (with a white pit bull who kept eyeing me) )

a statue.. er.. a watch on a statue

Dustin thinks the time is messed up

and Chris L likes him too

DINNER: from the pit bull shop till dinner i didnt have my camera, nor my watches, P12 took them home for 'safe keeping' - Chris L's box

The mystery watch of Chris L

The table

P12 with the mystery watch!

Gus! wat a great guy!

Bill and Hector! Superb dudes !

aawwwwww yeahhhhhh!

P12 again

Thomas wants a plate

Jittery Jim's box

Chris L's box

Thomas' napkin

Jeff's TAL box

Kate decides to give us some prizes

TAL totally confused everyone!

all of us in confused stare

the prizes

and we start getting more prizes

Hector won

Chris L won

Thomas won

Gus Won a very lovely reference book

Dustin won 20lbs of por... er... magazines

James likes wat he is giving away

3's a company!

Smile please...

ooooops... the other way around!

P12 won more prizes

Chris L won an Invicta wallet

Jeff TAL

Hector and Noah

Hector and TAL doing their inspection

MVC packing things up

JJ with a lot of money

ChrisL's impressions

Part 1: the Atmosphere.

First, some scenery of Chicago's Magnificent Mile. I wanted to take more photos as I walked to Water Tower Place

A little artistic touch on this one

Part 2 - Morning Tour

I was an hour early for the first tour, so spent some time taking photos, and then settled down outside of Tourneau

Who are we? WIS! Who are we? WIS! Hoooooooooo-OOOOOO!

Noah and Anjan

Front: Noah, Rema, Mark. Ray and Anjan visible farther back

Paul December goes to the Movado store. Akin to Nixon going to China

Zack, Mark, and Gus struttin' their stuff downtown. Oh yeah!

This was the jewelry store with the armed guard and pit bull

Bill, Gus, Anjan, Dustin, and Jim with his back to us

Jim, Ray, John (Noah's father)

Part 3 - The afternoon tour

We met at Macy's and finally found some watches we could collectively afford

Our second tour stop had a place with a lot of used/vintage watches. A lot of time spent in those counters

Jeff (TakesALickin), Gus (Gustoval), Thomas (Thomas), Anjan (Anjikit) front, Mark (MCV) back, Noah, John (Noah's dad), James (Jittery Jim), Ray

Anjan made sure I did not escape being photographed. That's me on the right

OK, let's get something cold to drink and take a load off. Noah was passing around his goods and wheelin' and dealin'

Was this about watches or photography?

Isn't just such a cute little display case?

Part 4 - Eating, drinking, prizes, and lot's of talking

Look who the cat dragged in - Hector!

Just some of the goodies I got to take home. I won the big package of straps. Some of them will make it onto watches soon

Kate (Zack's gf) and Bill discussing something "over there"

Next prize item... well I answered that trivia question and won it

Anjan and his valuable prize, after he had to remind me to remove my lens cover

Paul holding court

Hector's impressions

The gathering getting started with drinks,chit chat and of watches

Here's Chris L. smiling for my camera as he of course took a picture of me

Chris L's watch collection

Here's Jeff,Kate and Jim getting the raffle going with Kate selecting the numbers. Thank you sponsors!

I won this Jacques Leman Chrono

Dustin and Anjan checking out the cool magazines that were also part of the raffle

Anjan's awesome collection

Jeff TAL's cool collection

Jim's impressive watch box

Thomas cool collection

This was great and I was glad to be there to enjoy good watches & dining but more importantly good companions to share this wacky but fun hobby

Noah's impressions

I'm sure a great time was had by all..

Was so great to put some faces to all the names...

She's a great town Chicago, and I must say the people were very friendly

My Father and I were helped by locals more than once over our stay both in the morrning and late at night...

Dinner was great and a big thanks to Big Greek Bill for his translating services... and yes something bigger than a 28.5 dial is needed

Paul's impressions

Friday Architectural River Boat Tour

JeffTAL(Jeff), D4th(Dustin), Jittery Jim(James), Noah

MCV(Marc) & anjizkit(Anjan)

Jasmine & JeffTAL(Jeff)


Group shot - Note "Jittery Jim Pose"

Friday Pizza

Left: Kate, Old School(Zack) RayH(Ray), Larry, Dustin

Right: Bill's arm, Marc, John, Noah, James, Jeff

James & Noah

Ray, Larry, Dustin, Jeff

...and Bill!

Saturday Tour

Bill, Marc, ChrisL(Chris)

Chris with Ray "pointing out the watch he wants to his wife"

Chris, John, gustavosal(Gus), Bill, James, Dustin, Marc, Anjan

Anjan, Zack, Bill, Noah

Saturday Greek!

Left: Hector Ortiz(Hector)'s Head, Gus, Marc, Ray, Noah

Right: Dustin, Thomas, rek001(Rima), John, James

Chris, Jeff, Anjan, Justin, Thomas, Rima, James

John, Rima, Thomas, Dustin, Jeff, Chris, Noah

Chris, Zack, Kate