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Ed Brandwein1552 viewsBorn and raised in NYC. I am a lawyer and a law librarian by trade. Married with two kids, currently living in Queens, NYC.

I've been collecting Russian watches since the late eighties when a newly arrived immigrant sold me a Vostok Komandirskie. I spent the next ten years or so buying one or two more examples where I could find them. Then, of course, ebay came on the scene and the Russian revolution really got going. I have about 30 Russian watches in the rotation these days and that's after thinning the herd a bit over the last few years.

When it comes to Russian watches, there is always some amazing detail to find out about. I guess that is what I like best about collecting Russian watches. Nothing about them ever seems to have been done by chance. There was always some plan in mind, whether it worked out or not. The detective work involved in figuring out what some Russian designer was doing when one thing or another was done never gets old to me.

I will be watching over the Russian board

James Enloe487 viewsLife: Born in 1970, James is a married, father of one beautiful little girl (13 months as of this writing) living in the Pacific Northwest - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. After completing a Masters degree in Music Education in 1996 he went to work for a software reseller (Software Spectrum) and has not looked back; currently a Software Operations Business Analyst for Insight.

Watches: James has been a watch wearer for as long as he can remember with one of his earliest watches being a Star Wars digital watch with C3-PO on the dial. Throughout his childhood he wore various Casio and Seiko digital watches, mostly of the inexpensive kind. Throughout the 1990's his interest in watches grew; in 1997 he acquired a Citizen Navitimer that would be his daily wear watch for over three years. In late 2002, after a move to Boston for work, he discovered a wealth of resources on the internet, including the PMWF, which was hosted with WatchUSeek at the time. PMWF went independent shortly after that and James lost track of the site for a couple of months, finally finding it again in January of 2003. Since that time James has been a regular contributor to the site and joined the Admin team later that same year.

Role for PMWF Today: Tech Admin; maintains the PMWF Gallery and WOTM Blog; Phorum "expert"
Adam in NYC476 viewsAdam is currently living in New York City where he picked up the watch habit in '96. He's been reading & posting on watch forums (fora if you insist) since '99 & joined PMWF in '02. He's been helping out on PMWF as an administrator since '03.
Reto405 viewsLife: Born in 1956 in Switzerland. Graduated from the Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich as an Electrical Engineer. Has been working in IT, IT education and management consulting until 2001. Living happily married with Patt in Bangkok, Thailand since 1995. Two Children: Philip, 23, a textile engineer is working in Switzerland. Reya, 12, is attending an international school in Bangkok.

Watch Life: was founded by Reto in late 2001 and has been steadily expanding. Looking after the ever growing was a natural continuation of the IT activities. And combining this with the passion for watches, has made this a perfect journey.
Today is a full-featured watch site with many forums and plenty of additional resources. It takes a great PMWF Admin Team to cope with all the aspects of running a very active site like

PMWF Role: Site Management (site owner), Team Management, Business Management

PS: The picture was taken from a trip to Otaru in February 2010
T15351 viewsI would have called this box of Ken's the "Russian and Invicta" box but the Swiss Military and Seiko just ruined it for me! I wish my picture of his Rolex Explorer had come out, it's hiding just to the left of these! I didn't realize how small the Explorer's are, but to me it's a plus! I like "smaller" watches!
Dan Byers348 viewsLife: US Army Veteran Daniel Byers was born in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1949. He has been an ER nurse for the past 28 years and is currently a supervisor in an emergency room. He has been married for 36 years and has raised four sons.

Watches: Dan began his watch collecting over 20 years ago and presently owns close to 30 watches. He joined PMWF in February of 2002 and has been a part of the Admin staff since 2003. Dan created the PMWF "WIS of the Month" contest in 2003 wherein a forum member is recognized and honored for their contributions. The contest still runs today and has been expanded to include a WIS of the Year as well. Dan has enjoyed is time with the PMWF where he has had the opportunity to learn a great deal about watches and the people behind them. He finds the PMWF to have a cozy atmosphere where people who like watches can communicate with each other all on the same level, regardless of the value of their watches.

Role for PMWF Today: Admin, WOTM Contest
The Dude336 views
The Dude325 views
je12. Hamilton and Ball323 viewsAnjan compares his X-Wind to Chris L.'s Ball. Singular.
BrandonZ321 views
Chris Moy318 views
Bjorn Keizers317 views
T14311 viewsOh man! What's in this picture, a complete set of Orient Beasts, a White Knight, and gorgeous Tissot, a pair of Orient Explorer's, then just a Marcello in the foreground and couple of humdrum Omega's on the left! Okay, I take em!
Chris Moy300 views
Tim Marshall297 viewsLife: Born in 1972, my first seven years of life growing up in Montreal, Canada. Moved to southern Ontario, Canada in 1979. Have lived in greater Toronto area since. Have lived life working numerous different jobs, anywhere from a line cook in a restaurant, to professionally detailing cars, and moved into a passionate area of IT/computer work. Have been for most part a Systems Administrator, IT Helpdesk role for past ten years.

Watches: I came across Poor Man's Watch Forum in late 2002, early 2003 when I was seeking information on one of my early watch purchases (a vintage Seiko 6139-7002 chronograph). I've made PMWF my home base for watch forums/websites since! Like others, my interest in watches came early, as I grew up as a child with my first wrist watch, a mechanical Timex (which I still own to this day). I fell in love with automatic/mechanical watches due to how they function/operate mechanically. I've bought and sold many watches since being here at PMWF, but have settled with a couple special ones to keep now. Not to say there isn't plan to get a few more in the near future! I have taken an IT role for PMWF, consisting of assistance/setup of hosting of the website through a few different providers, helping move the website when problems with particular host(s).

Role for PMWF Today: Forum/website admin
Anjan Shenoy288 views
Bas286 views
Ace285 views
08 - Seiko 6139283 views
chrise2469261 views
BrandonZ259 views
Jakub Ostrowski257 views
Blangga254 views
Bill J.253 views
Bill J.252 views
Brian Uziel246 views
Michael (Micha)245 viewsMichael (PMWF name Micha)
Life: Dutch national, living in Germany, YOB 1976, married to Jasmine.
Watches: Michael started collecting watches in spring 2003 and discovered PMWF when looking for a place to discuss watches for a student’s budget. PMWF quickly became his new home in the www. Late 2003 Michael joined the PMWF admin team.
Role for PMWF today: icons manager and sales forum doorman ;-)
Chris L's Vostok collection. Very nice244 views
BrandonZ240 views
greg honeycutt240 views
07 - Debaufre237 views
Jeffc236 views
Zeb235 views
craigbrunen232 views
Disaster231 views
Bas226 views
Brian Uziel225 views
Iceman44225 views
Eric aka Bock225 viewsBorn in 1971 and Dutch nationality. My profession is maintenance technician. I love watches since I was a young kid. But the real WIS bug bit me in 2001 when a friend of mine bought a Poljot Buran chronograph. I like many kinds of "poor man's" watches, esp. Japanese and Russian ones.
I know of PMWF since 2003 and joined in 2005 more actively. I saw and learned a lot about watches since I have been there and always had a great time. In 2009 I became one of the Administrators.
Oh and besides watches I'm an enthusiast of classic cars, fine food/beer and good company :)
coachjdc224 views
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