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Suunto X10228 viewsPersonally, I like Luminox, but to see two of them up there that to me look so similar means that some other watch is being overlooked.

Having deployed to Afghanistan with the Canadian Forces (CF), I came across several common watch brands being worn. Obviously Timex is one of them. The reason being they are so inexpensive that guys don't mind if they bang them up or loose them. And most guys want an alarm function.

But another brand that was pretty popluar between the guys who looked at thier watch as more of a tool to aid in several tasks (rather than just telling the time or using for an alarm) is Suunto.

Many guys had the Suunto X9i (me included which I subsequently replaced with an X10) and even more had the Vector.

The X9i/X10 were popular for thier GPS feature as GPS aren't individual issue. So you saw guys in leadership positions weaing them (those that would have to call in a quick sitrep or contact report.)

The vector on the other hand is popular becuase of the digital compass. The CF works on mils (6400 mils to a circle) but fast air and aviation works on degrees. So some guys had the vector in the case they had to call in fast air or aviation. Also, our Forward Observation Officers get them issued.

So I propose that either the Vector or X10 (as thier current GPS watch) get the nod for inclusion in the Top 10 Service Watches and the Luminox Traser or 3000 gets pulled.

Pictures pulled from stock Suunto pictures.

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Eric aka Bock220 viewsBorn in 1971 and Dutch nationality. My profession is maintenance technician. I love watches since I was a young kid. But the real WIS bug bit me in 2001 when a friend of mine bought a Poljot Buran chronograph. I like many kinds of "poor man's" watches, esp. Japanese and Russian ones.
I know of PMWF since 2003 and joined in 2005 more actively. I saw and learned a lot about watches since I have been there and always had a great time. In 2009 I became one of the Administrators.
Oh and besides watches I'm an enthusiast of classic cars, fine food/beer and good company :)
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Ron Good (AlbertaTime)216 viewsBorn in 1951, I'm a Canadian musician/writer with other professional background in Human Resources and Employment Development counselling, consulting and management, and Retail management as well as Computer and Audio-Video Technology. I've worked as a self-employed musician, in private industry, in commercial and public television, Community Education (music/computers/HR), and in and/or with both provincial and federal government agencies. I lived most of my life on Vancouver island, but also about 5 years in Montreal, 8 years in northern BC, a little less than a year in scenic Woodland Hills, California (loved it), and for the past few years in northern Alberta.

I made the mistake of looking for a better watch a few years ago. That led me first to affordable watches generally and, quickly following that, to the then little-researched and explored area of mainland Chinese (PRC) watchmaking, especially wristwatches from the 1950s through the Cultural Revolution era to today. I'm doing my best to learn---and then to share everything I'm discovering---about not only the Chinese watches, but also the friendly and skilled people who made them, the culture in their beautiful country, and the many values and hopes we all share. I'm poorly trilingual and very slowly learning to read and speak some Chinese.
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A) Rodrigo182 viewsThe Muscle from San Diego ...very own Rodrigo with a Rolex on his wrist.
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