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BCWISM09122 viewsCharles' Watch Box Dec 10, 2007
BCWISM1079 viewsA table full of watches.Dec 10, 2007
Some of Adam's past and present Russian watches.684 viewsImage used in the Roundtable. Dec 03, 2007
Russian Roundtable474 viewsPDF version of the Russian Rountable posted by Adam in NYC on Monday, December 3, 2007. Featuring PMWF Members Ed (Ed Brandwein), Micha, Jeff (TakesALickin') and Kevin (Strela). Dec 03, 2007
Page 11203 viewsArticle from the October 2006 International Watch about Steinhart Watches (now Debaufre). Nov 13, 2007
Page 2938 viewsArticle from the October 2006 International Watch about Steinhart Watches (now Debaufre). Nov 13, 2007
Page 3864 viewsArticle from the October 2006 International Watch about Steinhart Watches (now Debaufre). Nov 13, 2007
Page 4955 viewsArticle from the October 2006 International Watch about Steinhart Watches (now Debaufre). Nov 13, 2007
Orient 300M Diver Variations1893 viewsTop row: domestic market Orient Star.
Bottom row: international market Orient.
Nov 10, 2007
Dreaming of Flying1772 viewsNov 03, 2007
Streamline 30's668 views52mm '37 Gruen Curvex cal. 330Nov 03, 2007
XWind on the Rocks1898 viewsNov 03, 2007
Spotting Tools981 viewsNov 03, 2007
Orient Star Royal1226 viewsNov 03, 2007
The Deep Blue Sea959 viewsNov 03, 2007
Night Life619 viewsOctober 2007 PMWF/SCWF Photo Contest WinnerNov 01, 2007
T2177 viewsAnd my final picture is of Rodrigo's uncle (?) Michael who, along with Erick's friend Travis, were unjustly exposed to this maniacal crowd of insane watch 'enthusiasts' on an otherwise innocent Saturday afternoon. I'm sure years from now their fiends, family and therapists will trace their odd behavior back to a certain day on October, and wonder what happened that day!?!?! Oct 23, 2007
T1174 viewsI believe these are some of Rodrigo's watches! Some of the mods look familiar!Oct 23, 2007
T1265 viewsMore of what I hope are Rodrigo's watches! I saw a few Explorer’s that day! Oct 23, 2007
T13108 viewsHere are a couple of boxes of Ken's. I wish you could see all the big dialed super legible watches in the left hand box, a couple of big bold Kienzle watches and so forth. But at least you can see a couple of lovely "grails" in the right hand box, I think they may say "Doxa" on the dial! Oct 23, 2007
T14311 viewsOh man! What's in this picture, a complete set of Orient Beasts, a White Knight, and gorgeous Tissot, a pair of Orient Explorer's, then just a Marcello in the foreground and couple of humdrum Omega's on the left! Okay, I take em!Oct 23, 2007
T15351 viewsI would have called this box of Ken's the "Russian and Invicta" box but the Swiss Military and Seiko just ruined it for me! I wish my picture of his Rolex Explorer had come out, it's hiding just to the left of these! I didn't realize how small the Explorer's are, but to me it's a plus! I like "smaller" watches!Oct 23, 2007
T1699 viewsJust around the corner from Ken's "spread" was Erick's modest but eclectic collection, including a neat blue Kinetic that I don't remember seeing before, SBCJ007 or something (Sorry Erick I forgot), but I like it!Oct 23, 2007
T1760 viewsUht-oh! Everything stopped when the food came out! You think to yourself, "Ah, I'm not really hungry." but then when you smell the food!

But wait, where are Anjan and Erick??
Oct 23, 2007
T1858 viewsAh, taking advantage of the lack of crowding around Ken's exhibit to maul a few of his beauties! Erick arrived a bit later than most, I bet he had already eaten lunch, but Anjan? I don't know, I think maybe he just doesn't eat, but he has to get that energy from SOMEWHERE!?! Oct 23, 2007
T1956 viewsAnother later arrival was the very nice gentleman Rafael, who brought some classic favorites of ours and small group of really BIG watches!Oct 23, 2007
T20126 viewsI failed to get a usable picture of his larger watches, but I did manage to capture this pair, just a little Doxa and Marathon! That's a nice pair to be holding!Oct 23, 2007
T0151 viewsHere is a reminder of our host location, the Downtown Brewing Company in Sleepy San Luis Obispo. I didn't get a chance to try any beer, but I had a pretty good burger! Oct 23, 2007
T0289 viewsOne of the most energetic of the early arrivals had to be Russell! I don't know how many trips he had to make to get all his stuff inside! Tons of Seiko Divers, 6105, 6390, and a bunch of exotic Seiko 5s too!
And another high energy guy was Anjan! He and Russell seemed to never stop moving! In fact I never got to take a picture of Anjan and his watches, he was always somewhere else! Usually taking a picture! Sorry Anjan!
Oct 23, 2007
T0392 viewsHere is one of the exotic Seikos that Russell was exhibiting, a two-tone Bellmatic that was in very nice condition! Oct 23, 2007
T04144 viewsThis is one of Russell's boxes of Seikos, mostly Seiko 5s, and interesting model at the lower right!Oct 23, 2007
T05112 viewsRussell also a couple of small leather cases filled with 6105s in beautiful condition, and a box full of 6309's. And there is a "Military Diver" in the foreground along with a cool Seiko travel Alarm! Oct 23, 2007
T0654 viewsAh, here are some of the 6105's with a few other watches around the edges!Oct 23, 2007
T0793 viewsThis is a special picture for Lew B. that Russell asked me to take!
Hey Lew, this box is for you! Nice pattern on the dial of that Seiko 5 eh?
Oct 23, 2007
T0852 viewsUnfortunately all my pictures of Joon's watches are useless blurs, it seems like I had the worst trouble on the middle of the floor, along the edges I got a lot more useful pictures. But I did catch him later in the day when Anjan was asking us to pose with our watches! Anjan's one like this is better, but I had to post one picture of Joon! He worked so hard to get this organized (along with Rodrigo). Oct 23, 2007
T0959 viewsHere are some of the little beauties Jose brought along, I don't think you can see enough detail in my blurry pictures but the dials and styles were awesome! Oct 23, 2007
T10162 viewsThese are some more of Jose's watches, a few beautiful Atlantic brand watches, a good looking Invicta (!?!?!) and more!Oct 23, 2007
R1862 viewsWho?!? :DOct 23, 2007
R1145 viewsAnjan trying to sweet talk Michael (my Uncle) in buying one of his watches.Oct 23, 2007
R1253 viewsLove the t-shirt, Joon!Oct 23, 2007
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