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Last additions - CAL WIS meet (Oct. 2007)
A) Ken Savage's Watches (6)84 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Ken Savage's Watches (7)96 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Thomas74 viewsOur very Own Thomas ... with Tank like watch cases .. with a dazzling array of watches.Oct 14, 2007
A) Ken Savage72 viewsKen Savage with one of the most decorated collection anyone has ever seen.Oct 14, 2007
A) Rafael87 viewsRafael with a collection of the most outstanding large watches.Oct 14, 2007
A) Erick (and Holly)97 viewsErick (and Holly) with his small but every interesting collection of watches.Oct 14, 2007
A) Travis50 viewsTravis a new WIS in the making.Oct 14, 2007
A) Anjan91 viewsAnjan and his cow. :DOct 14, 2007
A) Jose's Watches (1 of 5)99 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Jose's Watches (2)110 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Jose's Watches (3)81 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Jose's Watches (4)86 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Joon150 viewsOur very own Joon...with his perfectly composed collection and a Sinn on his wrist.Oct 14, 2007
A) Joon's Tutima108 viewsOct 14, 2007
A) Rodrigo184 viewsThe Muscle from San Diego ...very own Rodrigo with a Rolex on his wrist.Oct 14, 2007
A) Jose (SCWF)93 viewsVintage time master Jose(SCWF) with his enigmatic collection of amazing watchesOct 14, 2007
A) Russel from Santa Barbara163 viewsRussel from Santa Barbara... With his most amazing collection of Vintage Seiko diversOct 14, 2007
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