Eterna Super Kontiki compared to Tudor Hydronaut

Dear All

Just a another WIS mood I guess: suddenly I felt I would want to wear an orange face diver and could not decide between the Eterna SuperKonTiki and the Tudor Hydronaut. What to do? Put them both on of course :-)

I will be watching them closely today and I plan to wear them both for the swimming this afternoon too. I am curious to see how long those two watches will be ticking in synchronisation.

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, August 28th, 2002

Above: Eterna Super KonTiki Limited Edition 444/499 (actually 249 of those have a blue dial
Below: Tudor Pre-Tiger Hydronaut

Those watches are really comparable, both are rated 300 m for water resistance, however the Eterna does not provide a built-in Diver's extension like the Hydronaut. Both feature a similar turning bezel and both crowns are guarded. The movements are both ETA 2892-A2. Price wise the Eterna is about 700 USD more expensive (comparing MSRP in the US).

The watches are in perfect synchronization, I wonder how this will look tomorrow :-)

The Day After
I decided to take only the Tudor to the swimming pool, since I did not wanted to leave two watches laying on the grass while playing basket ball after swimming. I am right-handed, thus I always try to practice left arm throws. It is not really fun to wear a watch on the throwing arm, at least something heavier with a metal bracelet. I guess here is where ultra light plastic quartz watches come in. Consequently the Tudor had been on the right wrist during most of this basket ball practice session.The Eterna got two hours less wrist time and stayed at home crown up. At around midnight, both watches went off the wrist until this morning around 7:15 AM.

The Super KonTiki gained 2.5 seconds to the Tudor and the Tudor gained 3 seconds to the time reference, results:
Tudor: +3 sec/day
Eterna: +5.5 sec/day - hm, should I now challenge that C.O.S.C. certificate? :-)

Of course I am happy with the Eterna's performance, because the watch has only about 50 wrist hours, the movement is far from having been "broken in". No worries really, I am pretty sure, it will run in -2/+4 C.O.S.C. limits very soon