Meeting James M Dowling at the Grand Club of the Grand Hyatt in Hong Kong was really a very special occasion. And in what a setting: the exclusive lounge is located at the 30th floor offering the most stunning view over the Hong Kong Harbour. And listening to James was even more fascinating. But of course, if one can write like James, one ought to be a fascinating narrator.

I am not going much into details, I just want to express my joy of what a great watch talk that was and how fascinating it is to listen to James.

And last but not least, what was on our wrists: James came with a very special Rolex on his wrist, a unique Left Hand Rolex Sea Dweller, made in 1987. Jose wore an Omega 125th, the heaviest wrist watch I have ever touched. Well, I seem to have completely forgotten to let my JLC into the flashlight :-)