A funny flight really this morning! First a Korean woman looked at me and said with the voice of a court marshal that they needed my seat for her husband. Well, she certainly had a straight forward way. The air attendant was also quite surprised and stepped in and assured me, that I do not need to change the seat, but that Korean woman had also left some impression on him :-)

I was first shocked, then thought, well, the English lessons in Korea might not cover polite forms of asking for a seat and all that other formal stuff. I asked the air attendant to move my luggage, since that I found the worst part of that "attack"... trying to find an overhead locker with space in a plane where everybody was seated already. Just as a side note, I noticed that the Korean woman wrapped herself into a blanket and slept during the whole flight to Hong Kong. Wonder why they wanted to sit together...

Anyway, I took my seat on the other side of the aisle and sat next to a Thai and a Korean that went to Hong Kong for a vacation. I was studying the Omega Co-Axial De Ville ad and started scribbling onto the ad. The guy next to me seemed to be confused, but when the drawing took more and more shape, he asked me, whether I am sort of a watch maker. "No just a normal watch crazy person" I answered :)

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