"Flowers, Food and Watches"
7th Hong Kong Travel Report August 2002

Dear All

Just yesterday night I received a great hint from Howard McFarland and I have now reduced all the pics in this report to around 40% of their original size. I also chose a new single pic per page format to make pages load faster.
Now you can join or leave the report at any picture or skip the non-watch pictures. I linked all the pages, so you can enjoy the report in a similar way as before. I added the text to the pictures at the top so you can read it, while the image downloads. The back button at the bottom of the page brings you back to this table, so you could also look at the pictures individually. Hope you are happy with the new format and enjoy!

Best regards

Reto Castellazzi, Hong Kong, August 20th, 2002

During the Flight

Co-Axial Drawing

Flower Market in Kowloon

Busy Shoppers

Maybe the Youngest?

Not only Flowers avaiable

Decorative Stones

Street Market

Interesting Combination

Lots of Fruits

... and Bread

... and Fish

Popular Transport

My new Stereoscope

What a Coincident!

Nam Hing Watch Parts

Very busy Day

The owner and Reto

The 19th hole :-)

Orient Star Automatic

The Back

On my Wrist

Orient Star SFLEX HW

The Back

On my Wrist

Orient Star Antishock

The Back

On my Wrist

Meeting James M Dowling

Jose brought the latest Landmaster

The signed Rolex Book

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