The Christmas decoration almost blurs the name of the restaurant established in 1956: Wing Wah. The owner and Chef is a member of any imaginable "Cooking Guild" and thus this place is always crowded. Despite the fame of the Chef, the prices are normal, that means you pay around HKD 40 to 100 average for a dish, corresponding to USD 5 to 14.
Once he proudly walked through the restaurant with a big golden medallion hanging from a bright orange ribbon, maybe hanging is the wrong word, resting safely on his huge belly. Never trust a skinny cook! I learned from my friends that he also appears in many TV cooking shows.

And that is why we were in for the second surprise: we had to queue 90 (in words: ninety) minutes to finally get a table...

Can you see the people queuing through the entrance up and down the stairway?

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