Shot through the small slot in the black colored glass behind the ferry's captain cabin: the Sestrel Marine Chronometer, made in London, England. After landing in Tsim Sha Tsui, a ferry staff was so friendly to let me into that cabin so I could at least read-out that watch brand. And then I had to hurry off the ferry, otherwise I would have traveled back to Central.
The ferry ride from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui takes about 8 Minutes and also costs HKD 2.20 (USD 30 cents). And like the tram, those rides are heavily subsidized by the public sector.
Below the center hands you can see the key hole, that clock is daily wound and the clock face tells about it :-) I am not a Marine Chronometer expert, but from the mounting on the wall and the make of the chronometer, I had the impression it was a lot older then the Shining Star, 38 years of age.

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