Mumbai (Bombay) 1st Trip Travel Report

Dear All

This trip to Mumbai - Bombay is the old colonial name, like Chennai is the new name for Madras - was actually not primarily about watches.
I had earlier helped a large Swiss company to setup an office in Mumbai and only due to the fact, that I had to travel one day earlier (no daily flights from Bangkok to Mumbai) I was able to do some watch hunting in Mumbai.
The last day of my trip was actually also planned for watch hunting, but then a severe food poisoning crossed my plans to acquire some HMT (Hindustan Machinery and Tools) watches. HMT Watches contain a Miyota movement manufactured under Citizen license. I learned about HMT Watches from Paul Delury's interesting article "Something A Little Different".
I will have to travel to Mumbai again pretty soon, so stay tuned for additional trip report in which I can hopefully present some HMT "trophies".

This trip's pictures are ordered chronologically by the way and not separated as watch and non-watch pictures like in the Hong Kong trip reports.

I hope you enjoy the tour!

Best regards


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The Entrance to the Spa

Silver Door

Vintage Seiko

Round ultra-flat TITAN Edge

The Back

Comparison with Citizen Alterna

New BOI Building

Sunset from Old Office

Nearby Fishing Village (Slum)

My Bombay Watch Guide

In the Car to the TITAN shops

A Horse Carriage

First Trophy


The ultra-flat TITAN Edge on the Wrist

From the Side

A round TITAN Edge for my Friend


View out of one prospective Office
The End...